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This blog has been wholly about providing humanity with free good advice. Unfortunately, this is a poor strategy for getting new ideas out into the world because no one profits monetarily from proliferating them. Therefore, the last few days this blog has taken a turn towards making the ideas I come up with commercially rewarding. The idea isn’t so much to make unlimited piles of money, as it is to provide the economic stimulus which seems to be necessary to promulgate ideas, or anything else for that matter.

Ideas are free, or so some people seem to be proffering, me included; however, we don’t hear of many of these free ideas developing into such things as Google. That  is just a collection of ideas compressed into a digital format, but it is now worth multiple billions of dollars. Even the very successful Craig’s List probably wouldn’t have been a success if Craig hadn’t maintained one tiny corner of it as a profit-making venture. Even a little bit of money spurs ideas to take flight.

My present plan has been to transfer some of my old sites which I spent an inordinate amount of time and energy creating, update them a bit and move them from the free, not for profit environment, over to a paid site which permits economic remuneration from sales of product. There have been some helpful suggestions coming in from a group of web developers who have befriended me here in Bend. Perhaps the most valuable idea to come from them was the okay, even encouragement to make money from ideas sent into the webosphere. My previous environment, back in Berkeley, tended to disparage any form of entrepreneurial profit-making and focus wholly on the creative aspect of things.

It doesn’t really matter if a lot of money is made from this effort; what does matter is that the new and useful ideas which I come up with ultimately find a wider audience. There have been a multitude of salable ideas on this blog, but not one of them has been sold, and so there hasn’t been much if any proliferation of the ideas. However, if there had been a commercial aspect developed out of the original idea, it might have taken off. An easy example can be made of the Probaway Pain Scale. It has been available online with a good quality printout for over a year, and I have gotten a few positive reports from doctors that they like the scale. However, it hasn’t gone anywhere and probably won’t until it is somehow monetized. What I am now going to do is monetize things like the Pain Scale by offering them for sale. In that example it is easily done by printing up some decent quality wall charts and offering them to the medical profession for some reasonable amount, say $10, plus the inevitable shipping and handling. Having them available, and a printer which can turn out more as needed, means all that needs to be done is to send out email to doctors and hospitals all over the world with a free, not too crisp chart. From that there might come some sales. Okay, perhaps not much, but if it only covered the cost of printing that would be a vast improvement over the inevitable zero which it presently is delivering. And the needless suffering of people because the medical community doesn’t have a good way of objectively measuring pain.

There are a great many of these easily monetizable ideas lying fallow on this blog, and my new goal is to get them viewed by more people by spreading them through the already existing supply channels which I have been previously avoiding.

Come back in a year and critique this new strategy; there’s nothing to lose.