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The more houses you look at hoping to find a home that speaks to you with the simple plea, Come live in me, the more the fatigue and anxiety builds and the mind is set spinning.

Finding a home may be easier for most people than it is for me because I over-think problems. My problem is that the more I try to foresee the real problems, the more ominous all the potential problems become, and then seeing  just how serious these problems may become I find even more spins on how those can become overwhelming. It is a process which feeds back on itself until a brain lock-up occurs.Perhaps this process is natural to most people and they avoid the problem by just closing their eyes and taking whatever life deals to them, and then just muddling through. That is probably a better life strategy than to think about a problem too long. It is closer to an ideal strategy of thinking about the problem just long enough to be certain of getting a workable answer and then lock on to that, and put your energy into making that work. Over-thinking any activity means that nothing ever gets done, because there are an infinite number of ways to move forward. For example, consider a chess game, where there are far too many moves to actually plan ahead about, and so the good player develops a strategy and then considers only a small number of moves into the future which conforms to that strategy. Perhaps that type of strategy is what one should use when looking for a new house with the hope of making it into a home.

Think until you have a workable answer, and then act decisively to make it work.