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Wikiwisdom is like Wikipedia but Wikiwisdom helps people with general problem solving rather than supplying information and facts. Wikipedia is a wonderful basic source of basic information but it avoids new information and new theories and any information that wouldn’t be found in a standard general knowledge encyclopedia. That is fine and it serves that purpose well, but we humans need help of a more helpful kind when it comes to solving our personal life problems.

There are unlimited sources of advice already available, but these need to be organized into a kind of wikiwisdom encyclopedia where it would be possible to enter search words for particular types of problems and then find advice given on that problem from many different perspectives. The searcher would first enter a few key qualities of their personal self, these would have to be kept secret, rather like hospital records are kept secret and for much the same reasons, but these are critical questions because people will need to approach their problems very differently depending upon their special circumstances. A 90 year old woman asking how to settle into a new living circumstance would be faced with problems which would be totally different from a 20 year old woman.

At present there are many advice columns and the beginning of the Wikiwisdom site would be to collate these into how they resolved problems aimed at particular combinations of factors. The number of factors would grow exponentially and become intractable, so there must be a way to blend factors and give some relative weight to them. This would be helped by first finding a few, about five, critical things about the person and a few, about 3, factors about the problem. These few facts could be handled in a basic data base of a thousand generalized solutions, and these could be linked to the serious literature, popular literature, TV advice shows, and which would be generally relevant to that problem. Then as the person reads the brief outline, as seen in Wikipedia at the top, they could then be offered subsets of questions that are relevant to the specific person and their particular problem.

Everyone is different and every problem is unique, to also everyone has many things in common with people like themselves, and every problem has probably been encountered before. By offering multiple actual experiences of people like themselves who confronted similar problems, and the outcomes of their way of coping with those problems it would be possible to offer advice which was most likely to have a positive outcome. As a database of this type grew in size it would become more accurate at generating good answers. When a large number of people were using it there would develop an overlap of people facing similar problems who could be linked to each other. These are the people who could offer the most heartfelt concern and therefore be most supportive and probably most helpful.

Wikiwisdom is a site for everyone with a problem.