There has been a cry for change for years now, as if change was itself a desirable thing. That is clearly wrong-headed, as change is almost always disruptive and for the worse, and usually continuing the status quo works better in most situations. Just changing things for the sake of seeming different is what in biology is called a mutation, which creates monsters which are almost always inferior to the standard model. What is needed is improvement, and what we always have needed is improvement. What improvement consists of is a better adaptation to the environment as it presently presents itself, in the hope that the environment stays the same and we function better within it.

Of course all of the terms presently surrounding the word change are politically charged with rhetoric and don’t mean much of anything outside of the moment of their mind-manipulating blather. Politics is the art of selling the public the belief that they are going to get more and pay less if they support the speaker, and of course that things will get worse if they don’t and that disaster will soon follow if they follow the other potential leaders’ crazy policies.

The word improvement requires more thought than the word change, because it requires memory of the past and understanding where things are presently relative to the past and the ability to project into the future with imagination of the potential outcomes of various strategies. No matter what happens there will be change—that is inevitable—but improvement is not inevitable. Quite the contrary, if effort isn’t made to improve things, they will deteriorate.

Thus the word change is a very poor word for espousing social improvement, as most change is quickly for the worst, and even just gliding along through time is slowly for the worst.

Only an active striving for improvement will make our world better.