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Sunset was looming and we needed some bread and vegetables, so off to the grocery store we scurried. Along the way we passed this flower-decorated mail box sitting in a tiny field of flowers. It was very pretty, but there are lots of painted mail boxes here in Bend and lots of pretty flowers.

A typical mail box in Bend Oregon

A typical mail box and typical flowers found here in Bend, Oregon

As we walked along Debbie was shocked at how overwhelming the clouds were; they were looming like some sort of gigantic orange and black monster charging out of the darkening sky.

A cloud hangs over Bend

This monster cloud hangs over Bend, and directly over us.

I aim my camera at the monster, but what can I do in the face of such towering power, except cower and snap a quick picture, and scurrying off to our secure little home.

Debbie looks at the clouds

Debbie looks up at a monster cloud looming over Bend and us. Oooo – Ahhh

Life in Bend isn’t all sunshine and roses;
Sometimes it’s clouds and hollyhocks.