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Find out how you can be all you can be.

Ordinary humans, such as you and I, do an acceptable job of taking care of ourselves, most of the time. If we didn’t we wouldn’t survive, and since we do survive it is proof positive that we do perform satisfactorily. But most of us know we could improve everything about ourselves and our self-care and thus live healthier and thus longer and probably happier lives more in keeping with what we really want. Hugely profitable self-help industries have been founded on the promise of helping us to live better in all sorts of ways – exercise, diet, psychiatry, religion, drugs, clothing, cosmetics and surgery, to name only a few. Perhaps almost every human activity beyond basic survival is oriented towards improving oneself in some way and of course even survival is seen as an improvement over non-being.

Modern technology to the rescue of humanity, once again.

A new wrinkle now enters the self-help arena, at present mostly limited to medical self-monitoring devices called for the moment The Measured Life. These devices will, in my humble estimation, soon develop into the biggest thing to develop out of the computer-driven era. This will be bigger than HDTV, the personal computer and even the cell phone, although it will probably be seen as an extension of the cell phone. Lots of things are now becoming extensions of the cell phone besides portable spoken communication – cameras, movies, and the internet itself with all its perks. But this new medical self-monitoring device creates a new possibility: it is self-awareness of one’s personal environment which is linked to the cell phone. With self-awareness people can successfully modify their own habits and with that ability they can modify who they are. What could be a more important event for humanity than that? People can come much closer to living up to what their genetic endowment and their physical and social environment offer. Those people who get set up with this new technology first will get a burst of advancement over their peers, because they will be able to program their own habits to respond more appropriately to the world around them.

Accelerated learning of what you want to learn.

What this technology will soon provide is a device which monitors your environment and your every action. When that is developed to its full potential it will permit you to monitor more accurately how you are responding to things which are coming your way, and when you can do that you are controlling your own habit formation. Habits are the automatic actions which come about through our previous experiences and our responses to those experiences. When we control those inputs and outputs we control the person we become, and the more accurately we can monitor those things the better able we are to form our new person.

You choose who you will become by choosing your habit formation.

We become the habits we choose to fold into our personality structure. In the past we learned these things by paying attention to what was happening and responding appropriately as we saw fit, but often we were distracted by the vast variety of things which were happening. Also, we were barely aware of what already learned habits we were bringing to the moment, and these affected the way we responded to these then new situations. Also, we were inexperienced with this new development and our habit learning for that event was that of a beginner rather than an expert. Thus our existing habits, good, bad and ugly, are from previous learning experiences that are not as effective as they could be and they can negatively affect what we learn from new experiences.

The problem for almost everyone is that they only learn in the present moment and they do very little reviewing and intentional modification of their habits. Some people do do these things, like politicians rehearsing speeches and public responses, and actors preparing a personality, and athletes rehearsing specific actions to anticipated challenges, but most people don’t do any rehearsing – they just live. But that will change with the advent of these new devices.

The people with these new enhanced devices will learn new habits and that will soon change who they are. Those who get connected early will become more successful, and everyone will be forced to get connected soon or fall hopelessly behind their peers. With the advent of these new self-monitoring devices each individual becomes the person they choose to become. With these devices you can review your past experiences, decide on better responses, rehearse those responses and thus become the more effective person you want to be.

A more vital self-aware new world is unfolding at this moment.