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A thousand places to visit while you live.

UNESCO has created a wonderful program for highlighting the wonders of our world. Their World Heritage organization has now indexed almost a thousand places in the world of spectacular historical significance or natural interest. They have a web site which shows these places with a brief blog post, but what I have created, and am presently upgrading with their recent choices, is a way to access all of these hundreds of wonderful places with their natural internet links. It’s a massive project for a single person, because there are thousands of internet links which must be found and the code created and verified to make the site work smoothly.

This work is nearly finished, but still in progress. The links created here will upgrade automatically as I polish up the details. Click on any country to go to its most wonderful sites.


Afghanistan   Albania   Algeria   Andorra   Argentina   Argentina   Armenia    Australia   Austria   Azerbaijan     Bahrain   Bangladesh   Belarus   Belgium   Belize   Benin   Bolivia   Bosnia – Botswana     Brazil   Bulgaria     Cambodia   Cameroon   Canada   Central Africa   Chile     China     Columbia   Costa Rica   Cote d’Ivoire – Croatia   Cuba   Cyprus   Czech     Democratic Congo   Denmark   Dominica   Dominican Republic   Ecuador   Egypt   El Salvador   Estonia   Ethiopia     Finland   France     Gabon   Gambia   Georgia   Germany     Ghana   Greece   Guatemala   Guinea    Haiti   Holy See Vatican   Honduras   Hungary     Iceland   India   Indonesia   Iran   Iraq   Ireland   Israel     Italy     Japan   Jerusalem   Jordan    Kazakhstan   Kenya   Korea-North   Korea-South     Laos   Latvia   Lebanon – Libya   Lithuania   Luxembourg     Madagascar   Malawi   Malaysia   Mali   Malta   Mauritania   Mauritius     Mexico – Moldova   Mongolia   Montenegro   Morocco   Mozambique     Namibia – Nepal   Netherlands   New Zealand   Nicaragua   Niger   Norway     Oman   Pakistan   Panama   Papua   Paraguay   Peru     Philippines   Poland   Portugal     Romania   Russia     Saint Kitts – Santa Lucia   San Marino   Saudi Arabia   Senegal   Serbia   Seychelles   Slovakia     Spain     Solomon Islands   South Africa   Sir Lanka   Sudan   Suriname     Sweden   Switzerland   Syria   Tanzania   Thailand   Togo   Tunisia   Turkey   Turkmenistan     Uganda   Ukraine   United Kingdom     United States   Uruguay   Uzbekistan     Vanuatu   Venezuela   Viet Nam   Yemen   Zambia   Zimbabwe – –

The world has thousands of places worth visiting.