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Humanity as a whole has a primary responsibility of providing for the preservation of humanity in the present and on into the future. As a species we have been phenomenally successful. Our problem now is that we have been too successful as seen in our enormous population explosion. Our success has been based on our fabulous consumption of one-time-use natural resources, such as oil, but it cannot be sustained permanently because the oil, gas and coal will be burned up in about one hundred years, and also pollute the atmosphere. That destruction of our essential energy resource base will soon lead to the collapse of our civilization and perhaps demise of nearly all humans, but there is hope.

Anthropologists tell us that 50,000 years ago there were approximately 7,000 humans, and now we have about 7,000,000,000, or a million times more people now than then. That fact proves the phenomenal success of our species. It would be wonderful if the Earth would sustain us permanently at our present level, but it can’t, and so there will be an environmental collapse. Sorry, I don’t like it either! But, before the collapse, generally called Doomsday, we can make some preparations for those people who do survive, and we can make it possible for them to restore the Earth to its present condition, and possibly even a little better. The reason it could be better is because humans can learn, and they will be able to learn from our present mistakes, and not repeat them. They would see that the Earth will support a smaller number of people than we presently have and be able to do it permanently. They will choose to live in a beautiful world, if given the opportunity, and The EarthArk is the way to provide future humanity an opportunity to achieve that heavenly future.

People of the future must be given the tools to reconstitute the Earth that we are now destroying, and when a major war finally comes we will almost totally destroy it as the comfortable place we presently enjoy. As a responsible and forethoughtful species we must see the placing of the EarthArk not as a gift but as a moral obligation. Because, if we do not provide for the preservation of the living things upon which all things, including humans, depend and need to survive we will in effect be killing them. By not acting, and creating an EarthArk we will be practicing human genocide on a far more massive scale than has ever been achieved. What a horrible outcome, and we living people will be responsible for this tragedy.

The plan for humanity’s survival is simple; it is to store samples in permanent cold storage of all the species presently living. If we store the seeds of the natural world in a deep freeze they will be available and viable in the future, to revivify the Earth, and it can be restored. But, if we don’t store them immediately, even more species will be lost, and when the war comes nearly all species will be wiped out. When that happens all of those living things will be gone forever. Even now during peacetime, we are the cause of many species going extinct, but this ongoing tragedy is only the beginning. When our present population consumes the one-time-use resources, then all the world is made poorer, and when our population doubles again all of those deadly processes will accelerate. Our population can not  go on forever without resources and when they become scarce our population will collapse in a most dreadful way.

The general shortfall will be the triggering cause for a massive war, but with that war the infrastructure that permits our present huge population to exist will collapse. And with that collapse the beautiful life we are all living at present will become impossible. Unfortunately, with that war there will come radioactive clouds and darkness which will destroy food production and nearly all larger animals and plants will die. Ten years after the war the Earth will probably be rebounding,  but even if we as individuals survive we might not recognize the landscape, because so many things would be gone. What will probably be around in abundance is what we presently call weeds. But, that will be all there is. Waves of various kinds of weeds.

Into this grim picture there is a possibility of revivification of the life of the Earth if we have stored the seeds of all living things in a permanent storage place. To a small degree this is being done by seed companies to protect their patent property rights, but not much has been done to save the millions of species of non-commercial plants. The EarthArk Project is designed to collect wild seeds from every habitat on Earth and store them in a permanent deep freeze in the coldest place on Earth. It is a simple concept and it can easily be done, because there are no technical difficulties in doing any portion of the project. It only requires a few people from every location going out into their local area and collecting a variety of whatever is there and taking it to a local collection center. The next step would be placing these seeds into shipping containers and then transporting them to safe cold places high in the mountains of high latitude Antarctica. Ships go to the McMurdo Station in Antarctica every year, and from that port the shipping containers need only be trucked up to the mountain sides of Mt Vinson. It is only a question of doing it before society collapses. After that happens it will be much more difficult and possibly impossible.

This is a far more important project than the present ecology movement, because as wonderful as these efforts are they are doomed to fail when the population of humans becomes so great the starving people scour the Earth for every last calorie of edible food. It is impossible for modern people to contemplate a true worldwide famine, because we have grown accepting the idea of ten generations of people always having an abundance of food. The last major hitch in human population was back in 1347 with the plague. There is no way to prevent the population explosion from continuing, and it doesn’t really matter because we already have the people presently existing who will consume the resources and trigger the collapse. That is why The Earth Ark Project is so important to do immediately, while there is still time, plus the resources and freedom to salvage what species still do exist.

To reach this absolutely essential goal of preserving life, all that is required is for a few individuals from every community to collect wild seeds and small soil samples from their local area. It is a moral obligation for every community to support this effort, because without these stored essences all of the things which humanity values will be permanently lost. If you don’t support The EarthArk Project no one will, and humanity is doomed.

Collect seeds of the future now and send them to the EarthArk.