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The task of figuring out how to control the video from the computer screen was more challenging than expected. Part of the problem was finding a working microphone in the midst of our still unsorted junk, caused by our recent house moving experiences. My computer buddies and gurus over at Bend WordPress-MeetUp were so advanced that they didn’t think much of my proposal to create a super basic HTML linked CSS web page. Their basic complaint, I think, was that it wasn’t necessary, because there are now programs which do it automatically, and probably better. All the same, I wanted to do this, and so this evening I created a video which was posted on YouTube. They have encouraged me to write my daily blog on my new site over at Probaway.com/helps, where you can see the video, instead of here at Probaway.wordpress.com. The reason is that it is then under my personal control and not under the control of the WordPress organization. WordPress has been good to me in providing this wonderful site, but they prohibit me from placing any ads on my own site. They of course place ads on my material, and so they make money off of my work but prohibit me from making any money off of my own considerable labors. Because of that these posts have become increasingly a diary, which has no monetary value, and my potentially monetizable items are being moved over to the new venue.

Money talks, but in the past I have been very far away and didn’t hear it.