Ed Endsley opened a show of some of his photographs today in Bend, Oregon. He made a very warm presentation of his goals and techniques and then took a group of his photographer friends and some students on an explanatory tour of his mind as revealed in his photos and conversation.

Ed Endsley at his Bend Oregon photo opening show

Ed Endsley at his Bend, Oregon, photo opening show

Ed Endsley photograph

Ed Endsley photograph displayed in Bend, Oregon, September 29, 2011

This photo of his photo is from the wall of the gallery, and shows background reflections of a railing. The much cleaner original is available from Ed Endsley.

Bend, Oregon, is a small city, about as remote from a major city as it is possible to be, here in the US, and yet it has many pieces of publicly supported art on the street, in public buildings and in the numerous well manicured parks.