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The EarthArk Project and The Life Haven Project are desperate grasps at prolonging humanity, civilization and an abundant diversity of life here on Earth. These are easily doable things from the technical perspective but difficult for me as an individual to accomplish because of their organizational complexity. What I have been able to do so far is to lay out a general plan and identify the most ideal locations where these Arks could be placed.

These are similar ambitions to the Biblical Noah’s Ark, where a sampling of all the creatures of the Earth were tucked into a large boat and saved until the disaster had abated. Noah’s efforts have been mocked even to this day, and yet when we look at the present world situation it seems likely that a disaster will happen in the near future. That being the case it is relatively easy for humanity, but not an individuals, to make preparations and place samples of everything, especially wild seeds, into a deep freeze in Antarctica, where they could be recovered later. These samples would provide a basis upon which to reconstruct a vibrant world after this modern disaster had abated.

But, whether human beings will ever calmly survey their situation until after it is almost past retrieve and whether human faculty is reliable enough in its operations to insure some measure of agreement on the part of persons who do thus survey the situation—of these there is little in human experience up to now that encourages one to be very sanguine. There is nothing for us to do but to keep reminding ourselves of Kant’s dictum and to go on working “as if”—”as if” there were some hope that serious men would think, would come to some kind of agreement and would be able to persuade the rest of the world to reason. You and I are not young, but we have some of the buoyancy of youth and I daresay will continue our “as if” battle until the end, but it would be a comfort to believe, if only one could, that a more rational civilization and a more rational utilization of human intelligence would characterize the world in which our children are to grow old. — I Remember – The Autobiography of Abraham Flexner p. 157 (cofounder of the Institute for Advanced Studies in Princeton)  from a letter to Sir Frank Heath ~9th Dec 1924

What a wonderful statement of hope for the future progress of humanity—and yet, this man helped create and supported the Institute of Advanced Studies, where the men who created the most horrible weapons humanity has yet devised finished their public careers. It gives me profound doubt about the healthy future for humanity when one of our finest humans then writes:

Nations have recently been led to borrow billions for war; no nation has ever borrowed largely for education… no nation is rich enough to pay for both war and civilization. We must make our choice; we cannot have both. Abraham Flexner

Having said that, Flexner chose to support the creators of weapons of war rather than education.

We must have the EarthArk because humanities very best people have provided us with Weapons Of Extermination (WOEs), which bring all of us, and most other species also, to the brink of absolute disaster and extinction. These wonderful people say we must behave “as if” humanity will find a way to survive. Unfortunately, these are the very ones who created the devices which make our survival nearly impossible. If we follow in their footsteps and their pattern of thinking humanity is certainly doomed to extinction.

Tighter feedback loops must be formed in operational reality between words, actions and final results. Paying attention to the feedback from Nature of our actions is the only hope for human survival and when the natural development of human words and actions brings all humanity to absolute disaster we should pay very close attention. The present deployment of everything necessary to exterminate society already exists and random chance-events will at some moment trigger their use. A possible second chance, a remote one, might be had, which will pull us back from the brink of extinction but not from the Doomsday disaster. Humanity now needs to create —

The EarthArk and The Eternal Society Constitution.