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Many people are fearful of what the future will bring because they want some certainty in their life and it appears the future offers none. Of course the future is variable and no one can know it in detail, and if someone claims they do we can put them into one of the following groups: They are a pure liar trying to get something valuable from you like your money, they are just plain crazy and are seeking your support for their hallucinations, or they have been contacted by aliens from another dimension who have some control over time, space, matter and energy. Having said that, I want to tell you some things about the future which are so close to certain you might as well call them certain, and when these things happen you will know for sure that they have happened. Nothing spooky, just some obvious testable observations.

The future is variable and you will not be able to state anything with absolute precision, but amongst the seemingly infinite variability there are moments in the future which may be known with considerable accuracy based on data which almost no one a few years ago actually had access to. The weather in Redmond, Oregon, airport available on WeatherSpark.com is a good example, because its data has been tracked since 1948 to the hour. With that much accurate historical data it is possible to say within clearly defined limits what the weather will be on a given day in the future, even though the weather forecaster can’t tell you exactly what it will be like in three days.

It would be a good time for an evening garden party in Redmond on July 1st, because at sunset the temperature will be within 6°F of 71° and the wind will be from the NW at 9 mph ± 2 mph. 50% of these days the weather will fall within those narrow ranges. It should be a very pleasant evening. The highest temperature ever recorded for that day at that time was 88, the absolute low was 52 and the strongest wind was 16 mph. So, even with those absolute extremes,  the weather won’t ruin your garden party.

There are a lot of things about our lives and our world that can now be known with this degree of certainty. We can know our life expectancy with general limits and good certainty within ten or twenty percent, and we know that we can affect its upper limit a little by being careful and not taking excess risks, but mostly what we get by living a good clean life is better health and less pain while we explore our later years. We might worry about our consciousness after our death, but this doesn’t make much sense because we now know that without brain activity there is no consciousness and people after death don’t have any brain activity so why worry about that. You might concern yourself about other people who will live after you — most people think instantly of their own children, but you can expand your concern to others of your group or to all humanity or even to the whole living Earth itself. I have some of those thoughts occasionally.

One thing we can be certain of and that is uncertainty itself, but because of the fact that we know of this uncertainty we may take some comfort in that knowledge and live our lives within the bounds that have been given to us by the circumstance of our existence.

Discover your limits and expand your life within them — that is your future.