I have had the problem of wasting time trying to find the end of the cellophane tape after ripping off a few inches. The new super thin tape has an uncanny ability to disappear as it reattaches itself to the roll, and it requires a careful going around the circumference a couple of times with a fingernail to find the end. But, that isn’t the end of that mini-tragedy, because getting the tape to come unstuck from the roll, so one can pull some more off, can become a frustrating challenge in itself. So, I thought about this problem for a while and realized that the solution was there all along, but no one mentioned it, so I struggled needlessly for years.

It is a simple thing to prevent both of these problems if you grip the dispenser the right way, and the device may have been designed to do just what I show in the photo below, it is just that it is so simple no one ever mentioned it.

How to grip a tape dispenser

With the hand around the roll, pinch the tape dispenser by the ears.

Grip the tape dispenser in the left hand and pull out the needed amount with the right hand. When that amount of tape has been pulled out, pinch the ears firmly while still holding the roll, rotate the device until the tape sample is at 90° to the serrated cutting edge and pull firmly. The tape sample should rip free and start dangling, which requires being careful not to let it twist or stick to something. But, what also happens, in the left hand is that the small bit of tape formerly between the roll and the cutting edge will fall back onto the flat place on either ear, and stick there. If it doesn’t do that automatically, turn the device so you can blow the tape into position.

Because the roll was held in your left hand, the tape didn’t have a chance to go wild; it will stick to the ear flaps instead of to the roll, which it will frequently do, if you just set the device down.

This suggestion is a little thing, but most of the seven billion people will face this problem many times in their lives, and a simple suggestion can save an enormous amount of wasted time.