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Get out early and it becomes a vacation.

There are still a few hours remaining to pack up and get away from hurricane Irene’s projected path up the East Coast of the United States. It is hard to imagine tens of millions of people involved in a sudden migration inland, and the transportation issue may become a nightmare.


Hurricane Irene wallpaper as seen from space cropped as a 1920x1200 clicks big

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Katrina’s devastation remembered will save lives.

The media’s reviewing the devastation of hurricane Katrina, and their coverage showing thousands of people trapped in the Super Dome is encouragement to everyone to move out early. They should take a day off from whatever they are doing and move inland to avoid the probable traffic jams. Twenty-four hours of annoying travel and probably substandard accommodations may save a family from grief or even tragedy. There is a problem as to where these people are going to go and where they are going to eat and sleep, but it would seem that  going without eating and sleeping for a night or possibly two is preferable to getting killed. It is easy to avoid hurricanes and other natural disasters—  just get as far away as possible.

In a disaster, the absence of body is superior to presence of mind.