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My new Samsung NX200 got its first exposures tonight. I spent a couple of hours this afternoon watching various YouTube videos about it. That at least got me started on the approximately 27 buttons and their operation. Then some hands on fiddling with the controls moved me a little further along the learning curve. Under some of the buttons are, I haven’t counted, about sixty or more options. Some of it is quite simple after you understand what’s happening and you just scroll through linear settings. Anyway, Debbie and I wanted to go the the Bend, Art Walk, so I broke off my self imposed tutorial and we went out to that event. I clearly wasn’t ready to start shooting, but why let lack of knowledge stop you from exploring a new realm when the penalties for blunders are almost non existent. Even though this is a brand new camera a couple of people asked me about it, and one guy was familiar with it from on-line reviews. There was a lot of fun things to attend to, and I met several people I know, which ended up in extended conversations, so there wasn’t much opportunity for me to compose any thoughtful pictures. All the same took this one which may not show off the camera but I wanted to post something before midnight.

This mannikin was obviously supposed to be feminine so I like to call her a girlikin. It appeared to me she was in some sort of distress so I took this picture and wondered if anything further needed to be done, when a photographer friend of mine walked up and we had a wonderful conversation for an hour.