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Forty years ago I was a photographer, but after several separate thefts of groups of my one-up color photos I abandoned that activity. I pretty much had to give it up because I was too financially poor to continue making large-scale color prints only to have them vanish. Then the coup de grâce struck when the garage where I was storing my negatives burned. I sold my Leica M2 and moved on to other things.

Recently I have been taking pictures again with a point-and-shoot digital camera and am having fun doing that. I take pictures for my own pleasure and to explore and develop some potentially worthwhile ideas. However, these prints have been made to sell. If they do that’s great, if not then the money and effort to frame them is wasted, and I will simply hang them on my own walls, and move on again.

Dudley's Bookstore and coffee shop Bend OregonCharles Scamahorn hangs some photos at Dudley’s in Bend, Oregon

Some people whose visual opinion I respect suggested I do a show, and put them where they could be seen, and possibly purchased – why not? Thus, I had several printed and framed. All of these photos were taken close to Dudley’s where they are exhibited. They have a 300-year rated ink and as you can see they are quite large. I also had them framed with museum-quality UV opaque glass.

Photographs hanging at Dudley's in Bend, OregonCharles Scamahorn with his photos hanging at Dudley’s in Bend, Oregon

Hopefully, these pictures will have a better future than those previous ones. Here’s a video of this scene only minutes after these new photos were hung.

Stealing an artist’s work kills the artist in the man.