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Zebrafish with florescent dye

Zebrafish with florescent dye linked to cholesterol

Just reported from the University of California, San Diego, School of Medicine – a transgenic transparent zebrafish has been designed with a fluorescent antibody that binds to LDL the bad cholesterol and permits a clear window into the actions of the cholesterol when approached with various treatments. This research may not be a window into the human soul, but it is a quick way to find out what is clogging arteries and causing heart attacks and strokes in humans; and that cholesterol does impede the functioning of the soul.

This is science in action at its most helpful for human welfare, because it permits various methods of coping with cholesterol to be tested in a few weeks, instead of many months in mice, or many years in humans. Furthermore, zebrafish are quite small and prolific so unlimited numbers of them can be bred up quickly with specific controlled variations to test great multitudes of drugs and the near infinite number of drug combinations. Also, many other therapies can be tested, and specific proven results with zebrafish can be recommended for testing with humans.

This zebrafish method of finding testable facts is far better than optimistic hearsay about various diets and exercise routines controlling cholesterol and heart attacks.

A friend of mine had a heart attack last week and because of his wife’s insistence he go to the hospital immediately he was stented within the hour, and so he seems perfectly normal now. However, stenting with a metal spring inserted into a clogged artery is a primitive mechanical solution to a problem which in a few years may rarely occur because of what comes from these soon to be found zebrafish discoveries. If we know exactly what works to clear out our arteries it may prove very easy to do. The report mentioned that even with a high cholesterol diet if it was combined with an antioxidant drug, the buildup of bad cholesterol was controlled and reversed. Antioxidants are readily available in Concord grape juice and cranberries. If this research is really on to something, it will be public knowledge within a few months, because this form of research can progress so quickly. It may be ten years before the FDA can finally promulgate the human studies as valid, but drinking a cup of Concord grape juice every day won’t need any approval and can begin immediately, with little likelihood of a problem.

This is perhaps the most important event of the year, because almost all people die of blood clots. They get morbidly sick from a vast number of other problems, but the final hours are most frequently brought on by the body’s various defense mechanisms precipitating clots, and the accumulation of clots stops the blood flow and the person dies. Eventually everyone is going to die, but quite often if the clots are eliminated the person can return to their normal condition and carry on for years. If the buildup of plaque from excessive cholesterol can be eliminated by some simple action then nearly all people’s lives can be improved and lengthened too.

Human ingenuity coupled with the transparent zebrafish is improving all our lives.