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I am getting old. It is easy to say that little sentence, but it is difficult to admit that it’s true. However, I am now over 75½ so there is no sense in my denying the obvious. Whenever, age comes up and I reveal how many years my body has accompanied me, people always remark that I don’t look that old. But, I have always looked younger than my years, it’s mostly a skin thing I suspect and a genetic propensity toward late whitening of the hair. All, the same the last month of moving has certainly proven to me that my body, under this skin, is old. I tire easily and don’t recover very quickly and don’t have nearly the muscular strength I had even a few years ago. About a year ago there was a physical test of push ups, sit ups and such things and I scored in the early 20s for my physical prowess, but that was a year ago and now I am noticeably weaker.

Juniper Swim Center just beyond the trees seen from the house we didn't buy.

One of our reasons for choosing the particular house we did here in Bend, Oregon is that the Juniper Park Swim and Fitness Center is close by and an easy walk. The park scene seen above is from the house we went to Bend to buy, but we chose not to because the front door of the house was too close to Franklin street, a busy thoroughfare. The house we did buy is about six times further away, behind the fitness center, in the photo. The plan is to walk to the fitness center nearly every day, and do a physical routine and then to stop at the grocery store along the route and walk home. That should take about two hours and after a couple of months we should be in much better physical shape.

I ran for many years, but decided to quit because my knees were beginning to complain and the whole point of the exercise was to be in good health. If the running went on too long it would lead to a breakdown, and that would be counter-productive. After not running for a couple of years my knee-joints have recovered but my musculature has weakened and that includes my cardio-vascular health no doubt. Swimming and exercise equipment, yoga and such should not be a problem for my elderly joints.

We shouldn’t have much trouble getting into an exercise routine because both of us have had periods in our lives which were very active. My spouse comes from an athletic family and her father is a championship swimmer. I remember our picking him up one time at the Santa Clara swimming pool and having a bunch of people in the pool wave goodbye as we left. It was the US Olympic swim team. I don’t understand it but even though he is quite old now, and very mild-mannered, he is some sort of encouragement for these younger swimmers.

Getting old is for active people with a purpose and good companions.