01 January 2017 – Probaway Person of the Year, Albert Einstein – One hundred years ago predicted black holes, the collision of black holes and those collisions forming gravity waves in the time-space continuum and he laid the groundwork for lasers which were used for detecting the gravity waves.

02 January 2017 – Have I appeared lucky by avoiding risky behavior? – When it comes to risk the goal is not to be smart but to avoid being stupid.

03 January 2017 – A significant day in arbitrary numbers. – When you encounter any idea check its source against the Trustworthiness of Information chart.

04 January 2017 – Philosophers Squared – Derek Parfit – When we know why something is true, we don’t need to ask why this thing is true.

05 January 2017 – A Dictionary of New Epigrams – Falsehood – The greatest source of error is for a wise man to speak a falsehood.

06 January 2017 – More maturity brings more pleasure and less pain. – The more mature the personality structure of a person is, the more options they have for enjoying themselves.

07 January 2017 – Adults have more fun than children. – I didn’t mention the fun that adults can have but they do have the options to choose from, and if they choose wisely they can have great fun with very little pain.

08 January 2017 – Mature people have more contentment than adults. – Developing a mature personality isn’t difficult if a person sees the path to that goal and chooses to take it.

09 January 2017 – Sages achieve human realization. – A sage-level personal orientation lets you achieve human realization no matter what happens.

10 January 2017 – Adolescents strive to achieve more status than children. – The highest status an adolescent can strive toward is to own a piece of property.

11 January 2017 – A Dictionary of New Epigrams – Fame – To seek fame is to seek the adulation of the crowd of adolescents who respect fame rather than contentment.

12 January 2017 – What should be your most valuable priority? – Should our priority be to live well in the temporary now or to invest our time in the much longer tomorrow?

13 January 2017 – A Dictionary of New Epigrams – Self-Reliance – To become a mature person you must keep your promises to yourself.

14 January 2017 – Thank You for Being Late by Thomas Friedman – book review – Thank You for Being Late will help you to realize that human beings can become a wonderful species when they are raised properly.

15 January 2017 – Hillbilly Elegy and Thank You for Being Late compared. – Read these two books together and understand more deeply what creates a wonderful human being out of a normal child.

16 January 2017 – Saving the world … again! This time with pleasurable activities. – One principle for becoming more mature is to choose to engage in more mature activities when you have the opportunities.

17 January 2017 – Developmental assets, young to old – Make a poster with specific suggestions for how to help old people.

18 January 2017 – A list of ways to help old people. – Get input from the old person on all decisions that affect them.

19 January 2017 – A Dictionary of New Epigrams – Habits – Plant your tree where you want it to grow.

20 January 2017 – Now is always the time to preadapt to a new world. – Being prepared means having alternate uses ready for your mind and property.

21 January 2017 – You have more fun being a child. – Being a child is fun because you are in control of things and people.

22 January 2017 – Phishing for Phools by Akerlof and Shiller – book review – Apparently phishing for phools is the new paradigm for legitimate economic transactions?

23 January 2017 – Being a successful adolescent brings you more status. – Being an adolescent is satisfying because you know you are recognized by your friends as being grown up and important.

24 January 2017 – Adulthood gives you and your family more life and liberty. – Being an adult is wonderful because you now have life and liberty and you may pursue your happiness as you choose to do.

25 January 2017 – The Tao Teh Ching – #32 – Revealed by Lao Tzu – Rendered by Charles Scamahorn – The Tao is so simple it appears to be insignificant.

26 January 2017 – Take a deep breath because the Doomsday Clock is running out. – Life has never been so good and people are so unaware of that simple fact.

27 January 2017 – Tomorrow is already here, we must live in next year. – The future is already here, it just doesn’t ship until tomorrow.

28 January 2017 – Maturity gives you more opportunities to help your community. – Being a mature person gives you the power to help many people, even people of your community that you may never know personally.

29 January 2017 – Sagehood gives one a positive influence forever. – Being a sage gives one influence upon everything on Earth that comes after.

30 January 2017 – Being an Ourora gives access to influencing the Universe – Creating Ourora is the ultimate goal for secular beings.

31 January 2017 – It’s time to blog and I’m feeling morose. – I will be okay tomorrow but I worry about you.

Condensed thoughts Probaway February 2017

01 February 2017 – How to filter out undesirable stimulus, ideas, knowledge, and wisdom. – I may seem harsh saying these obvious things but their behavior is callous and putting you into debt until you say … I don’t want that!

02 February 2017 – The Proud Tower by Barbara Tuchman – book review. – The Proud Tower makes clear the ultimate goal of aristocracy and of their nationalism is war.

03 February 2017 – We believe what we perceive and then defend it. – Our perceptions can be influenced by the maturity level we use to observe our situation and that directs how we express our world-view.

04 February 2017 – Set your goals so you get a positive feedback. – This post is an example of setting a goal in a way to get a positive feedback.

05 February 2017 – There can be a moment between a stimulus and your response to it. – The option of free will only exists in a moment when we choose for it to exist.

06 February 2017 – Super Bowl LI halftime show should scare terrorists. – We are entering into the world of Plato’s brother Glaucon where everything about a person is known to everyone else and so everyone will behave perfectly.

07 February 2017 – Happy children don’t want to change. – Choose to associate with people who have the values you want to have.

08 February 2017 – Personal explorations of the levels of maturity. – Chopping wood and carrying water can be done at any level of maturity and the value depends upon the foresight and motivation.

09 February 2017 – A Dictionary of New Epigrams – Character – Character is our self-imposed integrity.

10 February 2017 – Probaway’s travel guide to the Museums of the World – A THOUSAND AND ONE – WORLD HERITAGE SITE MARVELS

11 February 2017 – A Dictionary of New Epigrams – Good – The more good habits we have the easier it is for us to be good and live well.

12 February 2017 – Jesus wanted you to live and live more abundantly. – “Everything others should do to you, do to them!”

13 February 2017 – Visiting the site of The Sermon on the Mount – Important things can happen in desolate places.

14 February 2017 – Everything others should do to you, do to them! – Everything others should do to you, do to them!

15 February 2017 – Jesus’ Beatitudes reveal the way to heaven. – “Everything others should do to you, do to them!”

16 February 2017 – What can I say to those who doubt my view of Jesus? – “Everything others should do to you, do to them!”

17 February 2017 – Spiritual and secular growth compared. – Human morality is based on carefully refined gossip entering our genetic code.

18 February 2017 – I made a grievous mistake a half-hour ago. – How can you trust yourself, if you can’t keep a promise to yourself?

19 February 2017 – Pay attention when you can. – Pay attention to new ideas and at the first moment – record them.

20 February 2017 – Chopping wood, carrying water, shoveling snow. – Chop, chop — carry, carry — shovel, shovel, shovel.

21 February 2017 – A Dictionary of New Epigrams – Now – Doing what you can do now prepares you to do what you can do next.

22 February 2017 – Keep working and pay your rent or be punished. – There is a compulsion to work and pay your rent or be out on the street at the end of the month.

23 February 2017 – What can we do to save humanity? – The point is that when you have the opportunity, do a more mature thing than you usually do.

24 February 2017 – A Dictionary of New Epigrams – Maturity #2 – Pursue maturity of actions as your lifestyle.

25 February 2017 – The Tao Teh Ching – #33 – Revealed by Lao Tzu – Rendered by Charles Scamahorn – While your body lives, make your essence one with the universal. That essence will endure until the end of time.

26 February 2017 – Do I make myself into a trivial fool by thinking too far ahead? – When you have a period of time to think about things, think about things.

27 February 2017 – Drop your arrogance. – This forces a man to drop his arrogance and become humble at the wisdom of some of his fellow creatures and at the foolishness of others.

28 February 2017 – My super easy dieting plan requires nothing from me. – Three months into this super easy diet we have each lost over three pounds.

Condensed thoughts Probaway March 2017

01 March 2017 – Only a fool would throw away a trillion dollars. Is it me? – Only a fool would throw away a trillion dollars. Is it me?

02 March 2017 – A short list of super-easy diets. – The point is to keep your diet so easy and fun that you want to keep doing it.

03 March 2017 – I found God today. – You must treat your friend and your enemy better than you treat yourself.

04 March 2017 – The absolutely easiest diet I have created so far. – We are in control of our lives and we are masters over our food.

05 March 2017 – My new super-easy diet plans are laughable. – By taking intentional control of little things we take habitual control of the big things.

06 March 2017 – Laugh-out-loud diet. – The “Laugh-out-loud diet” doesn’t ask you to do anything you don’t want to do.

07 March 2017 – Lies, silent lies, truth and the TRUTH – Never lie! Never lie to another person. Never ever lie to a child. Never ever lie to yourself. And always keep your promises to yourself.

08 March 2017 – We lived and lived and nothing happened. – Why is the guy in the middle pointing with a stick at the globe, and why do the scrolls held by the guys align perfectly with that pointing stick?

09 March 2017 – When are lies acceptable? – Even in difficult situations, it is best to find an honest way to resolve them.

10 March 2017 – Laugh-out-loud diet – Incorrect jokes, humor, lies – sad – Do the tiniest thing possible for coping with your big problem; do it now.

11 March 2017 – What’s sleep got to do with body weight? – Get a good night’s sleep because poor sleep makes you grumpy and puts on weight.

12 March 2017 – Sweeping the street with a broom. – Today I swept gravel off the streets and sidewalks. It’s a thing I get to do.

13 March 2017 – I went to New York for something new. – Six decades later I still get the willies thinking about my New York adventure.

14 March 2017 – Some ladders of potential human maturation. – Natural maturation – Infant; Child; Adolescent; Adult; Mature; Sage. Grows from Pleasure; Control; Recognition; Choice; Helpfulness; Revelatory.

15 March 2017 – Meditating on the Laugh-out-loud diet. – Your body will fight back if you willfully try to starve it, and it will win.

16 March 2017 – Why you should be very kind to people. – Be kind to people because they have given you everything you value.

17 March 2017 – Be nicer to others than they are to you. – Make it a habit to always treat everyone better than they treat you.

18 March 2017 – The Laugh Out Loud diet is too easy. – For a diet to succeed in the long run it must be fun, easy and automatic.

19 March 2017 – The Laugh Out Loud diet visits restaurants. – Get a set of Laugh Out Loud flash-cards. One card for every occasion.

20 March 2017 – Seven Sages measure the Earth – “The mundane bible of the Jews, like everything else esteemed sacred, finds its original and perfect expression in the great astral bible of the skies.”

21 March 2017 – I am no longer seeking happiness. – Treat others better than I treat myself.

22 March 2017 – Treat others better than you treat yourself. – Treat others better than you treat yourself.

23 March 2017 – A Dictionary of New Epigrams – Teaching – Most wisdom is obvious.

24 March 2017 – Latitude / longitude of 30 Roman Legions 125 AD – This is 46 years after the burial of the Seven Sages mosaic but this would have been the growing edge of the Empire at that time.

25 March 2017 – The Tao Teh Ching – #34 – Revealed by Lao Tzu – Rendered by Charles Scamahorn – The universal essence flows everywhere. It flows left even while it’s flowing right. It gave everything existence, and It never refuses anyone who asks.

26 March 2017 – Progress with the Laugh Out Loud diet – I’d really like some more but I’m full. Can I take a little home for tomorrow?

27 March 2017 – And now for this business of not talking – I write a blog instead.

28 March 2017 – Should I seek stability or adventure? – Go out and struggle for a just cause and you will get plenty of excitement and the good feeling that you are doing something worthwhile.

29 March 2017 – We have reentered the world of premeditated lies. – I may be grumpy sometimes but when it happens it’s an honest grump.

30 March 2017 – How can I help a billion people control their weight?https://probaway.wordpress.com/2017/03/30/

31 March 2017 – The Seven Sages mosaic will soon become famous. – The Seven Sages will soon be one of the most famous pictures in the world.

Condensed thoughts Probaway April 2017

01 April 2017 – Homo Deus: A Brief History of Tomorrow by Yuval Harari – The book is subtitled a brief history of tomorrow; it could be yesterday already.

02 April 2017 – Another success with the 7 Sages of Greece mosaic – In an obviously peculiar way, the Seven Sages mosaic may help save our modern world.

03 April 2017 – Repent, repent, repent – “Oh my son, this is too much to ask of you … Repent … repent … repent…”

04 April 2017 – ACE test needed PCE test and now an AAE test – Adverse Adulthood Experiences can be predictive of future problems.

05 April 2017 – I have a cold. – Other than eating, our daily walks, this blog and the hot baths I worked constantly on The Case of the Seven Greek Sages.

06 April 2017 – There is a word for it – weltschmerz. – Without trust in our fellow man, society will wither and die.

07 April 2017 – Yesterday weltschmerz, today Ponderosas falling on my head. – Yesterday weltschmerz, today Ponderosas falling on my head, but they all missed.

08 April 2017 – A windy morning in Bend, Oregon – I loved those trees, but my life force must be for my own survival.

09 April 2017 – The Berkeley Hate Man died. – A big-hearted piece of Berkeley died when the Hate Man died.

10 April 2017 – “They’ll float too” – writing prompt – If Jack was right, “You can throw an Irishman into the sea.”

11 April 2017 – After the disaster my ordinary life seems slow. – My meetings were typically interesting today but I just sat and didn’t say much.

12 April 2017 – I try to get back into my groove. – We must communicate with the greatest possible candor or watch our society wither and die.

13 April 2017 – My cure for the common cold worked yet again. – The cure for the common cold and beyond into the long dead Roman Empire.

14 April 2017 – Our new roof is half done and Pliny the Elder survives. – Perhaps it was this very object that cost Pliny the Elder his life.

15 April 2017 – How the 7 Sages relate to the Roman Empire – The classic Romans and Greeks were in pursuit of testable ideas like the circumference of our spherical Earth.

16 April 2017 – Why are the 7 Sages of Greece looking at a globe? – The Seven Sages alignments are real; their meaning will be my speculations.

17 April 2017 – Clockwork Purple – Our title, “Clockwork Purple,” implies weird, but it also implies prompt, important, colorful and royal.

18 April 2017 – The Roman Empire goes to Kom Ombo on the Nile River – The Seven Sages of Greece mosaic lines may seem strange but they are accurately drawn.

19 April 2017 – Roman Empire’s intellectual center at Alexandria is at latitude 31.2° – The Seven Sages of Greece mosaic demonstrates that the Romans knew the Earth was a sphere.

20 April 2017 – How do I get the lines for the Seven Sages Mosaic analysis? – Some people prefer to believe that extraterrestrials created ancient things rather than humans.

21 April 2017 – Roman Empire growing East at Antioch, latitude 36.2° – Whoever created this mosaic was familiar with the latitude of Antioch and the sphericity of the Earth.

22 April 2017 – A call for biographies from the authors of Clockwork Purple – I’m working on buffing my boring with these short stories.

23 April 2017 – Roman Empire grows to Apsaros 41.6° on the Black Sea – The Seven Sages mosaic has an astonishing number of multiple overlaps of key points in not just this location but at several other important sites.

24 April 2017 – Roman Empire grows to Purpuraires 31.5° on the Atlantic Ocean – This analysis points to the borders of the Roman Empire the year Mt. Vesuvius erupted.

25 April 2017 – The Tao Teh Ching – #35 – Revealed by Lao Tzu – Rendered by Charles Scamahorn – When people see attractive things, they approach; When they see repellent things, they depart.

26 April 2017 – She wanted the couple to be comfortable – Experiencing unearned pleasure is the path to permanent pain.

26 April 2017 – Mysterious and Wondrous Ways – Yes, libraries have been mysterious places for me and my animal nature.

27 April 2017 – Burned my hand badly – We had all screamed our life out into the fog from a mountain named Boring in the middle of a place on our map named Nowhere.

28 April 2017 – Roman Empire grows to York at 53.9° in Britain – The Seven Sages mosaic must have been created between the founding of Eboracum in 71 AD and the eruption of Vesuvius in 79 AD.

29 April 2017 – Roman Empire is centered on Rome at 41.9° latitude – Whoever created the Seven Sages of Greece mosaic had their latitude lines accurate to better than a tenth of a degree.

30 April 2017 – Seven Sages of Greece mosaic has strange circles – The mosaic seems to define the periphery of the Roman Empire between the founding of “York” 71 AD and the eruption of Vesuvius in 79 AD.

Condensed thoughts Probaway May 2017

01 May 2017 – Intriguing lines on the Seven Sages of Greece mosaic – The lines and hot spots on the Seven Sages of Greece mosaic are real, but the sanity of the creators and of my pursuit of them is in doubt.

02 May 2017 – More simple than money – Marcus sat back on the spilled salt and thought about how to help his soon-to-be slave become perfectly healthy again.

03 May 2017 – Thoughts on Laugh Out Loud diet publication strategy – To be vivid and acceptable the Laugh Out Loud diet must be funny.

04 May 2017 – I need help! – The Laugh Out Loud diet is laughing at the diet industry’s failure.

05 May 2017 – The Luck Factor by Richard Wiseman – “My goal this year is not to be smart but to avoid being stupid.”

06 May 2017 – The Great Questions of Tomorrow by David Rothkopf – review – The Great Question of Tomorrow is … How to survive and prosper in chaos.

07 May 2017 – A Most Improbable Journey by Walter Alvarez – book review – Everyone, even experts, should read “A Most Improbable Journey” because it demonstrates how to make difficult subjects comprehensible.

08 May 2017 – Clockwork Purple – Hurrah for Horemheb! – “If we must have a ‘Pharaoh of the Oppression,’ it would be Horemheb, for he persecuted his own people as much as the Hebrews.”

09 May 2017 – Intuition Pumps by Daniel C. Dennett – book review – If you like that kind of rambling you will enjoy Intuition Pumps.

10 May 2017 – A Dictionary of New Epigrams – Awakening – Awake to the best life available to you.

11 May 2017 – Today I showed off some mockups for the LOL diet. – If we don’t get the LOL diet right from the beginning, it will die.

12 May 2017 – Our disaster isn’t over yet. – Our disaster isn’t over yet and abnormal seems to have become normal.

13 May 2017 – We lived and lived and nothing happened today. – Life is made more meaningful by a sequence of significant events. Or is it just a bother?

14 May 2017 – Some fun conversations today but … – Home is usually a refuge from the world, but now going out is the easy time and being home is living in a dusty mess.

15 May 2017 – I have a bit of a cold. – Today I feel okay but I did take two baths as per my normal routine and I have been avoiding my friends so I won’t give them a cold.

16 May 2017 – The grind continues. – Sometimes I must take care of my own probable future.

17 May 2017 – What am I trying to do? – There are other obviously wrong ideas we can easily change with correct information.

18 May 2017 – The chaos is finally easing up – The fun of being alone with a dog was like the fifteen years I spent with Tiger.

19 May 2017 – My Wednesday’s writing group’s prompt was – Dancer – Bali Ram was with us as we wrote our short stories and he said he really liked this piece about us.

20 May 2017 – The snowbirds are returning. – Basically, things are returning to great here in Bend, but I need a few days of calm.

21 May 2017 – Clockwork Purple – “In fact, when I told him of my fears, he burst out laughing.” – God said, “Sorry about that. Do you have any idea on how to cope with that problem?”

22 May 2017 – Just do your chosen work really well. – What would happen if just you chose to do your personal work really well?

23 May 2017 – Clockwork Purple – Phenomenon of Man – Conan Doyle was making great stories that would make him famous for as long as there are humans who are capable of reading or watching movies or pursuing hoaxes.

24 May 2017 – I’ve been distracted again. – The cleansing of preexisting ideas is all I do.

25 May 2017 – The Tao Teh Ching – #36 – Revealed by Lao Tzu – Rendered by Charles Scamahorn – Here is a well-known secret:
“The soft and weak conquer the hard and strong.”

26 May 2017 – Some thoughts on diets – As amazing as the last hundred years have been, the next hundred years will probably be even more astonishing.

27 May 2017 – A Dictionary of New Epigrams – Perseverance – If what you choose to do can be done by you, get busy and do it.

28 May 2017 – Some women are intriguing. #1 Girls of Playboy – Yes! You do look good enough to eat.

29 May 2017 – Some women are intriguing. #2 The Afghan girl – Are you abusing me now with your camera?

30 May 2017 – Some women are intriguing. #3 – Zeugma Gypsy Girl – This picture is another view of liberty and exploitation.

31 May 2017 – Some women are intriguing. #4 – Mona Lisa – If you look at Mona Lisa in the right way your skin will crawl.

Condensed thoughts Probaway June 2017

01 June 2017 – Some women are intriguing. #5 – Black River Falls, Wisconsin – The window smasher went from town to town breaking windows so she would get a week’s room and board at the city jail.

02 June 2017 – Clockwork Purple is coming into existence. – Should it make us individual writers feel elated to be added to that enormous stack of books, or humble, or obscure, or all of the above?

03 June 2017 – Presenting the Beatitudes to my atheist friends. – This approach to Jesus is too practical and real-world for the otherworldly inclined.

04 June 2017 – 3,500 posts on Probaway WordPress – The super milestone will be 3,650. Will we live to see it?

05 June 2017 – A Clockwork Purple takes on an expanded consciousness – The spiritual plane and enabled some to see various realities, but they evaporated into the void.

06 June 2017 – My strange relationship with solar eclipses. – As a child, I had no control over my location at any of those events and yet I was there.

07 June 2017 – Preparing for the 4th of July fire – works – Why provoke nature with optional wildfires?

08 June 2017 – You and only you are in charge of what you eat. – I will get to that and it will be easy and fun.

09 June 2017 – I had a strange thought on human physical beauty today. – Publishing this “Love Our Life – diet” plan seems like a win-win situation for everyone.

10 June 2017 – From Bacteria to Bach and Back by Daniel C. Dennett – Read Dennett’s books as a point of departure for your own discoveries to share with the rest of us.

11 June 2017 – Have we evolved to tolerate human stupidity? – We have evolved to tolerate human stupidity because it makes society possible?

12 June 2017 –. There’s a problem with cultivating maturity – The almost reasonable world of last year seems to be going crazy this year.

13 June 2017 – A disaster isn’t over until it’s all over. – People generally don’t face ugly facts until they have some personal experience, and a big tree woke me up.

14 June 2017 – What and whom should you believe? – The best you can hope for and work toward is a mutual gain for both of you.

15 June 2017 – Think for yourself and do the right thing. – Thus we must set up good filters to clear out the stuff that isn’t right for us and let the good stuff come through.

16 June 2017 – The Morocco human fossils are unlikely to be Homo sapiens sapiens. – Our “species” origins will be found in the middens where there was a technology undergoing a consistent major developmental change in a few thousand years.

17 June 2017 – I seek to treat people better. – I seek to treat people better.

18 June 2017 – Think about it, and choose your own goals. – A simple indicator of a lie is when it seems too good to be true, coupled with the probability it will be a benefit to the speaker if you do as they say.

19 June 2017 – Clockwork Purple – I hoped the poor fellow would survive. – “Well,” thought Richard, “I guess this is how survival of the fittest works,” and he headed off to continue his lonely walk.

20 June 2017 – Who is my target audience for my diet plan? – This is an outline strategy for getting the Love Our Life diet rolling.

21 June 2017 – Warnings: Finding Cassandras to Stop Catastrophes by Clarke and Eddy – It’s Nassim Taleb’s complaint in a new department. Only trust people who have skin in the game.

22 June 2017 – How should we cope with change? – People must fear change when they lack the resources to even cope with their daily routine.

23 June 2017 – The wildfire season has begun and I prepare. – A little preparedness may prevent a great disaster.

24 June 2017 – A pleasant day of little successes. – It was a pleasant day of little successes, and we lived and lived and nothing happened.

25 June 2017 – The Tao Teh Ching – #37 – Revealed by Lao Tzu – Rendered by Charles Scamahorn – Tao always acts by attraction; Even attractiveness is created by attraction.

26 June 2017 – Clockwork Purple – She was covered up to the neck. – “She was seen not wearing her burka.” the guy said calmly in perfect English.

27 June 2017 – How can I protect myself from my stuff? – Being on the growing edge of technology is great, but it makes sense to have a low-tech backup.

28 June 2017 – Approaching a more normal daily life. – Once again we lived and lived and nothing happened.

29 June 2017 – Stealing Fire by Steven Kotler & Jamie Wheal – book review – The harder you work on your good ideas the luckier you will become.

30 June 2017 – Some women are intriguing. #6 – Dying girl, 1860 – What amazing things lie ahead that we will never see?

Condensed thoughts Probaway July 2017

01 July 2017 – Some women are intriguing. #7 – Alice, 1858 – What amazing stories did Alice hear that we will never hear?

02 July 2017 – My diet is going to be totally positive. – You can become a master LOL player and in doing so you can become a master of your body, your self, and your life.

03 July 2017 – Clockwork Purple – She smiled and unbelievably lowered the pistol. – What happened next was unbelievable.

04 July 2017 – Does a new diet need to become a cult to be successful? – I must watch carefully during my diet research for an appropriate promotion “angle”.

05 July 2017 – Luckily we survived the 4th of July fireworks again. – So, let me give my limp wrist shake in their general direction.

06 July 2017 – Why? Why? Why? – And those are the kind of thoughts I was mulling while the others were Stealing Fire.

07 July 2017 – The spelling of the word quoin created a Scrabble squabble. – It is impossible to know what damage can be wreaked by lies and fake news.

08 July 2017 – Diet Cults by Matt Fitzgerald – Book review – Ultimately it appears that humans can eat almost anything and remain healthy if they are physically active enough.

09 July 2017 – What young people, even geriatric ones, need to know and do. – I insisted that to go into debt makes one into a voluntary slave, a slave to those who loan money.

10 July 2017 – Clockwork Purple – She was firm but fair – After the first few bites all qualms about eating their piggy friend vanished, and everyone looked forward to next Thanksgiving dinner and wondered who would be their next guest of honor.

11 July 2017 – How to get along with people who disagree with us – I accept you exactly as you are! I totally accept you and your opinions.

12 July 2017 – I have control of my elbow. – I can control some aspects of my behavior, and I am wondering if I might intentionally develop a game where we become conscious of our elbows when eating.

13 July 2017 – I walked a neighbor’s dog today. – Maggie and my whole private encounter was about ten minutes but she seemed perfectly comfortable being with me and I with her.

14 July 2017 – Where do low ACE score people hang out? – Participate in communities of people who are agreeable and mutually supportive.

15 July 2017 – A Crack in Creation by Jennifer Doudna and Samuel Sternberg – CRISPR is the genie out of the bottle that may prove bigger than humanity.

16 July 2017 – What happened? How did it happen? Why did it happen? What’s next? – You must be very careful when playing with the Big Boys, but as my father told me when I was very young, “You never know who the Big Boys are.”

17 July 2017 – How does one reach out to humanity? – To be a success the Love Our Life movement must show significant results promptly.

18 July 2017 – It was a good day but it felt routine for me. – It was a typical day but I want to make the LOL book read much better. Distractions.

19 July 2017 – Love Our Life is designed to be fun to read. – The goal of Love Our Life isn’t to have fun myself, it’s to help all humanity to cope with their problems.

20 July 2017 – The new cover for Love Our Life met with approval. – What Love Our Life will do for people is help them to trust themselves.

21 July 2017 – Love Our Life cover just had its eighteenth final revision – I struggle on with tiny things that no one will see and will only feel.

22 July 2017 – Where to go for the American eclipse? – July 9, 1945 was my first solar eclipse and August 21, 2017 may be my last. Enjoy!

23 July 2017 – A guilt-laying event that I rejected. – Perhaps I was taking all of this sophistry the wrong way but I don’t think so.

24 July 2017 – Love Your Life is going through multiple versions. – So I am trying to design the Love Your Life book into a billion-sales form. Absurd!

25 July 2017 – The Tao Teh Ching – #38 – Revealed by Lao Tzu – Rendered by Charles Scamahorn – Plant your seeds quietly, and
Succeed with the fruit of real accomplishment, but
Arrange with the flowers of visible non-accomplishment.

26 July 2017 – The quest for Love Your Life continues – Love Your Life is aimed at health and happiness via proper eating.

27 July 2017 – What does Love Our Life need to succeed? – The struggle for a cover goes on. It will click as being just right, one of these days.

28 July 2017 – What do we really need for living in our modern world? – Virtual reality is aimed at games but training in ordinary behavior might be the big payoff.

29 July 2017 – Choose your problems and your friends wisely. – Hiking with friends is more life-enhancing than mountain climbing.

30 July 2017 – Walking the labyrinth barefooted. – It is beyond me how he could endure the pain of walking on those angular rocks.

31 July 2017 – Clockwork Purple – Sloth – Harold knew this was the end of humanity’s primacy as he hovered his finger over the blister. ” . . . _ _ _ . . . “

Condensed thoughts Probaway August 2017

01 August 2017 – A hot day in Bend, Oregon, isn’t a problem for us. – Life needs some problems to be interesting, but computer problems are just annoying.

02 August 2017 – A Dictionary of New Epigrams – Health – Health is acquired and maintained by doing the right things and avoiding doing the wrong things and generally, that means moderation in all things.

03 August 2017 – Learn how to be happy and healthy when young. – Find and interact with happy old people and avoid angry old drunks.

04 August 2017 – https://probaway.wordpress.com/2017/08/04/Another day, another page of Love Your Life – “Love Your Life” isn’t about my wants, it’s about your existential needs.

05 August 2017 – A super-trivial quibble with Carl Sagan’s star stuff – Most of what we are preceded Sagan’s star stuff. We are the offspring of the Big Bang.

06 August 2017 – What is the ideal number of choices to have? – The ideal number of choices to have is none.

07 August 2017 – Clockwork Purple – Emotional Dalai Lama – My conversation with the Dalai Lama and Paul Ekman, which was brief but memorable for me.

08 August 2017 – What our emotions are really saying about what’s happening. – The emotions focus our attention on what is important at the moment.

09 August 2017 – Love Your Life new page spreads – Where will this whole project be in a few months or a few years?

10 August 2017 – I’m not a perfectionist but I like some things to be right. – Treat others better than I treat myself.

11 August 2017 – https://probaway.wordpress.com/2017/08/11/I did a public reading from Clockwork Purple – I enjoyed reading “Just who will you be.”

12 August 2017 – Life is easy if you do the right things. – Drink for pleasure not for pain. I suspect the same line of reasoning would apply to the current opioid epidemic.

13 August 2017 – What is an ideal BMI (Body Mass Index)? – There must be a personal ideal weight for every individual.

14 August 2017 – Clockwork Purple – Pungent – The Cafe Med conversations were great, but that gift from Monkey beats them all. Thank you, Monkey.

15 August 2017 – Love Your Life – diary – Evolution is a messy process, but it continues to make things that work.

16 August 2017 – Gastrophysics – The New Science of Eating by Charles Spence – Spence is heading toward what Epictetus had experienced and was rejecting.

17 August 2017 – The Seven Sages of Ancient Greece – line 18 – The title “Love Our Life” feels more inclusive than “Love Your Life.”

18 August 2017 – The Seven Sages of Ancient Greece – line 73 – It is easy and natural walking along the path to the Way.

19 August 2017 – The Seven Sages of Ancient Greece – line 133 – Use life as an opportunity to be lived right now, but to an unknowable end.

20 August 2017 – The Seven Sages of Ancient Greece – line 54 – Challenge yourself to a kind action. Create a list of good suggestions.

21 August 2017 – Solar eclipse from Pilot Butte, Oregon – So, at least for me, there was a fine emotional involvement with the eclipse.

22 August 2017 – https://probaway.wordpress.com/2017/08/22/The day after the eclipse was filled with personal stories – This was a fun couple of days but tiring.

23 August 2017 – The Bendor geriatrics are still thriving – This is a wonderful place to live when the world economy is thriving.

24 August 2017 – My annual physical exam – Perhaps my ideal is half way between 156.25 & 167.25 or 161.75. I can do that.

25 August 2017 – The Tao Teh Ching – #39 – Revealed by Lao Tzu – Rendered by Charles Scamahorn – Seek to be low,Like a common stone.

26 August 2017 – The Seven Sages of Ancient Greece – line 51 – In the end, #91 Be kind to everyone, they have troubles too.

27 August 2017 – What is good had a new meaning for me. – Humans would quibble with this definition but are pursuing it wholeheartedly.

28 August 2017 – A long hard slog – If you want to have a sleepless night see your locality on a radius of A-bomb destruction map.

29 August 2017 – The passing of a stone was a nice touch – As I was walking back to the Old Stone Church to my car the Catholic Church bells rang and I went in.

30 August 2017 – A year of too much – Well, at least our President assures us there is no Global Warming, so this is all normal.

31 August 2017 – A physically gymnastic day for me – Most people in Bend limp from skiing, biking, rafting, fishing, etc. My friends enjoyed the story of my stupid antics.

Condensed thoughts Probaway September 2017

01 September 2017 – A beautiful First Friday Art Walk in Bend, Oregon – Sometimes a day in Paradise is a bit too bland.

02 September 2017 – https://probaway.wordpress.com/2017/09/02/My personal experience with diets – Just saying NO to eating for a self-chosen time window requires little thought or willpower.

03 September 2017 – Creating an idea – Those are ideas I have been considering how to effectively implement.

04 September 2017 – A solution to the coming CO2 crisis – Desperate times call for desperate efforts.

05 September 2017 – A mild Tuesday was a typical day – Soon it was time to go home and have lunch.

06 September 2017 – An attempt to be cautious backfires – Our modern America seems to be going through a transition.

07 September 2017 – What purpose to take me to 150 years? – Personal life extension to assist in humanity’s self-actualization is a worthy goal.

08 September 2017 – I’m annoyed by the word God. – I might make God or Love an interesting subject.

09 September 2017 – Everybody Lies by Seth Stephens-Davidowitz – book review – There are still lessons to be learned by seeing reality clearly.

10 September 2017 – Have normal people lost contact with reality? – I sometimes hear people proudly proclaim that they don’t obey laws.

11 September 2017 – A special day? Not really, but I’ve now done 3,600 blog posts. – Probaway’s 442 habits are similar to the 7 Sages’ 147 suggestions.

12 September 2017 – Finally I get a reward – I get my rewards, of course, but not from the public.

13 September 2017 – We humans can choose our ultimate purpose – I propose not a Brave New World but a Self Actualizing Universe.

14 September 2017 – Should we be concerned with truth? – My answer to big T Truth may not sound philosophical like but it has more impact than endless words.

15 September 2017 – https://probaway.wordpress.com/2017/09/15/Response times triggered to within a heartbeat – Response times triggered to within a heartbeat could gain a winning advantage.

16 September 2017 – What makes us become responsible people? – We need positive feedback to see cause and effect to become responsible people.

17 September 2017 – https://probaway.wordpress.com/2017/09/17/I reject things that don’t make sense to me. – Choose to move toward everything that will bring health and happiness.

18 September 2017 – The Seven Sages of Ancient Greece – line 99 – Sloppy uncaring actions must lead to an uncomfortable relationship with other people and with one’s entire reality.

19 September 2017 – Something odd about today’s 7.1 earthquake in Mexico – Check back in a couple million years to see if I’m right.

20 September 2017 – Do I matter? – It always comes back to I and we, but where do our dogs and cats fit in?

21 September 2017 – How to be boring. – If you follow these simple procedures and practice diligently you may become acknowledged as a profound bore.

22 September 2017 – At every moment do the right thing. – Be kind. Always be kind.

23 September 2017 – People don’t make decisions based on facts – Perhaps # 136 – Live modestly and shun excesses includes diet.

24 September 2017 – The End of Faith by Sam Harris – book review – Religion and especially monotheistic religions must be abandoned or humanity which now possesses superweapons will destroy itself.

25 September 2017 – The Tao Teh Ching – #40 – Revealed by Lao Tzu – Rendered by Charles Scamahorn – Heaven, Earth, and life spring from existence; Existence springs from the void.

26 September 2017 – Being loving – When you reach old age you will find yourself living with the kindest person you have ever met … yourself.

27 September 2017 – How my dentist sees me and you too. – We lived and lived and nothing happened. We just did what needed doing.

28 September 2017 – What is respect? – Be kinder to other people than you are to yourself.

29 September 2017 – What is the kindest thing we could do for humanity? – The fools will continue to be fools and the predators will continue to prey.

30 September 2017 – Update on my life risks as of my 82th birthday. – Mingle with the masters of your chosen direction in life.

Condensed thoughts Probaway October 2017

01 October 2017 – A typical Sunday plus my 82nd birthday. – Happy Birthday was sung to me, concluding with “And many more.”

02 October 2017 – In my meditation – All of those people and even Governor Ronald Reagan have lost their battles for control over me.

03 October 2017 – Old age isn’t for sissies, or is it? – Old age is for sissies, sweet happy old sissies.

04 October 2017 – My new idea yesterday is as ancient as Zoroaster – Work with what is and what will be.

05 October 2017 – Monotheism, Queen Tiye, Zoroaster, Freud, The 7 Sages of Greece – Those 147 precepts in Love Your Life appear to have an ancestry going back to Zoroaster.

06 October 2017 – There are many opportunities for kindness. – Wherever there is a living thing there is an opportunity for kindness.

07 October 2017 – Do we need anything beyond the Sun? – Being absolutely isolated makes working with your fellow beings for some common goals the meaning of your lives.

08 October 2017 – The Rise and Fall of Adam and Eve by Stephen Greenblatt – This book is a new revelation on how bizarre human beings really are.

09 October 2017 – Clockwork Purple – We have to juggle work… – Thank you. Thank you, Bertha Aspinall Eidemiller! Thank you. Thank you for creating such a wonderful family.

10 October 2017 – Plague epidemic in Madagascar – Pneumonic plague kills almost everyone who contracts it if they don’t get antibiotics soon.

11 October 2017 – A happy, healthy, wise and wealthy society. – The institution permitting secret money and information entering the public debate must be exposed and brought back to open truth.

12 October 2017 – What will trigger my life-changing events? – Will I be quicker to adopt CRISPR, Oculus, bots, Bitcoin and Uber?

13 October 2017 – How to create meaningful spiritual experiences. – We become able to do things by consciously doing them a few times.

14 October 2017 – Alcohol and coronary heart disease – A wise man can learn more from a fool than a fool can from a wise man.

15 October 2017 – Sloppy science – The fire season is over here but Berkeley’s fire and earthquake risks were part of my search strategy for finding a place to retire.

16 October 2017 – Clockwork Purple, Oct 16 – How much cocaine, or meth, or LSD do you need today? “How about a 100 tons of coke.” Okay, 100 tons it will be!

17 October 2017 – Some problems with eating – American’s big problem is putting too much of the wrong stuff into their bodies.

18 October 2017 – An overview of diets with web links. – What I like about my current diet plan is that it is so easy and it works.

19 October 2017 – If you don’t act on an idea and cause an effect the idea dies. – For our existence to have any meaning we must do something external.

20 October 2017 – My new tooth – I enjoyed my dental visit and as I was scheduled for an hour we talked about our personal adventures for fifty minutes.

21 October 2017 – The Best American Infographics 2016 by Gareth Cook – review – I have moved on to other funny little games now.

22 October 2017 – Fight, flight or freeze – A really challenging problem is an opportunity to break through to discovery.

23 October 2017 – Clockwork Purple, Oct 23, 2017 – Falling on our knees in submission to another’s will is the ultimate act of violation of our self and thus an infinite act of evil to our own spirit and physical being.

24 October 2017 – Where is humanity headed? – There is the possibility/probability that someone or something will destroy the whole world.

25 October 2017 – The Tao Teh Ching – #41 – Revealed by Lao Tzu – Rendered by Charles Scamahorn – It is Tao which creates things and brings things to an end.

26 October 2017 – Freedom of speech is our most precious right. – Freedom of speech is our most precious right because it results in the best possible world for our common wellbeing.

27 October 2017 – Profound truth quickly dies if … – Profound truths that don’t easily link to a person’s current conception of reality are rejected and forgotten and remain forevermore sunk into oblivion.

28 October 2017 – Wrong, wrong, wrong! – So, I put on my Darwin Award and off I go to the party where death is eulogized.

29 October 2017 – We ought to make that part of our ritual.
When you do anything unique write it down instantly because if it’s new it doesn’t connect well with past memories.

30 October 2017 – Timing when we eat as a diet plan – This form of intermittent dieting works so well it will become popular.

31 October 2017 – Time to start searching for the Probaway Person of the Year – The discovery of the creation of the heavy elements of the Universe is a major event.

Condensed thoughts Probaway November 2017

01 November 2017 – What if some irresistible thing became available? – It would seem that everyone is living some irresistible life fantasy because it became available and they chose to drink it in.

02 November 2017 – Where Good Ideas Come From by Steven Johnson – review – If you want to innovate in any field, get intimately involved with the most innovative people in that field.

03 November 2017 – Innovate NOW! – I still like to talk about new ideas and new opportunities for human actualization.

04 November 2017 – The theory of human diet is in chaos. – We are both down nineteen pounds and I am near my ideal BMI of 23.4.

05 November 2017 – Die with pleasant memories of key moments. – If they have the opportunity to think about those things in their final moments then they … die with pleasant memories of key moments.

06 November 2017 – Search all ideas for their potential wisdom. – Antifragile and slack are examples of the wisdom of preadapting to future possibilities.

07 November 2017 – A new camera tool – An iPhone app for photo-stacking would eliminate most of the obvious problems with these closeup photos.

08 November 2017 – Inspire kind acts and wise thoughts. – is similar to that of a mother to her child but it is intended for illustration to potentially wise adults.

09 November 2017 – Love Your Life – tips versus suggestions
Find tips that will work in your future and practice them until you are skillful.

10 November 2017 – Accept random luck as random luck.
Accept random luck as random luck.

11 November 2017 – We begin tapering off on our diet – Controlling our bodily weight this way was easy.

12 November 2017 – Sage tip #133 – Use your life as an opportunity for good deeds. – Use your life as an opportunity for good deeds.

13 November 2017 – Clockwork Purple – It is challenging to keep rolling. – Mona Lisa does keep going and she insists that I keep trying. And so I do try!

14 November 2017 – The Secret to Long Life – My close friend Ralph Raphael told me, “The secret to long life is to keep breathing,” but I guess he forgot to take his own advice and died.

15 November 2017 – Sage tip #105, Protect your friend’s life as your own life. – To protect your friend’s life as your own life teaches you how to protect your own life better.

16 November 2017 – Sage tip # 15, Empower your friends to do good deeds. – A beginning for training to empowering others is setting up easy tasks before kids arrive.

17 November 2017 – Idea stacking – By having many semirelated ideas floating around a new idea, a really new and useful idea might spring into existence.

18 November 2017 – Sage tip # 129, Treat yourself with respect and kindness. – Treating one’s self with respect and kindness eventually becomes identical with treating the whole world with respect and kindness.

19 November 2017 – My macro photos of water and Washington – I wonder what the other “students” will bring to our macro photography meeting?

20 November 2017 – Clockwork Purple – I will refer to this entity in the masculine – Every woman must also struggle with “The Man” inside of her.

21 November 2017 – Sage tip #28, Respect everyone’s point of view. – We need habits which protect us from ourselves.

22 November 2017 – Sage tip #115, Before you speak think kind thoughts. – Before you speak think kind thoughts.

23 November 2017 – Neither Wolf Nor Dog by Kent Nerburn – book review – Neither Wolf Nor Dog is worth reading but be prepared to feel sad and guilty.

24 November 2017 – The 147 Sage tips are a challenge – Use your life as an opportunity for doing good deeds.

25 November 2017 – The Tao Teh Ching – #42 – Revealed by Lao Tzu – Rendered by Charles Scamahorn – Attraction is at the core of this method.

26 November 2017 – Sage tip #35, Value other people’s thoughts. – We will greatly benefit by learning how to value other people’s experiences and thoughts.

27 November 2017 – Clockwork Purple – Do you not think that God wants this? – Thank you, God, for creating … THIS!!!

28 November 2017 – Why do we watch the news? – Pay attention to things that will actually change your physical behavior.

29 November 2017 – A downside of writing about mature behavior. – It is easy to identify kind behavior and easy to be kind and that kind of action makes everyone happier.

30 November 2017 – Goodbye Clancy – I have been very sad all day.

Condensed thoughts Probaway December 2017

01 December 2017 – Sage tip #135, Learn limits from unlucky people and failure. – We can learn from observing other people’s failures, even other creatures’ failures.

02 December 2017 – Sage tip # 74, Only obey your own guilt and shame impulses. – Our self-generated habits are the way we control our future actions.

03 December 2017 – An opportunity knocks. Remember Sage tip # 111 – Sage tip # 111, Say YES quickly to opportunities.

04 December 2017 – Sage tip # 105, Protect your friend’s life as your own life. – Do lots of tiny good deeds and a few big ones.

05 December 2017 – Sage tip # 85, Walk away from arrogance and insolence. – Walk away from arrogance and insolence.

06 December 2017 – Sage tip #58, Always finish in some way what you begin. – Putting voluntary limits on tasks will help you to complete them.

07 December 2017 – A More Beautiful Question by Warren Berger – book review – My take on this is to actually do something worthwhile to others as well as yourself.

08 December 2017 – Moving on from the title Love Your Life – Being Kind – A Way to Approach Health and Happiness.

09 December 2017 – My daily intermittent fasting diet – update. – For me and Debbie, the intermittent daily diet is easy and effective.

10 December 2017 – A typical Sunday for me. – That’s what was happening up until noon, and the day was just beginning, but it’s now time for me to take a bath.

11 December 2017 – I restore Leonardo da Vinci’s Salvator Mundi – The Sermon on the Mount will be the King James Version, which has the word phrase “…should do unto you, do you even so unto them”

12 December 2017 – Ideas must move in our mind to be perceived. – Let us watch for examples of static versus moving thoughts disappearing.

13 December 2017 – I reprinted Love Your Life in the new Being Kind format. – Tomorrow and tomorrow creeps in its petty pace and time flies bye bye.

14 December 2017 – What must we pre-adapt to now? What are safe occupations? – I guess that my moving from a USAF pilot to a college teacher in my twenties made sense.

15 December 2017 – How can we live long and prosper? – Some abstract thoughts on how can we generally live longer and prosper.

16 December 2017 – Sage tip #74, Example of guilt projection toward me. – I am the sole arbiter of my guilt and shame, and I will not submit to other people attempting to manipulate me with their projections.

17 December 2017 – Don’t be stupid, even once – If doing something one time is stupid, don’t cultivate it as a habit.

18 December 2017 – I don’t know what the perfect man is – “What do women want?” The perfect man!

19 December 2017 – New challenges we don’t even know about yet. – The point of this post is to point out the short-sightedness of humanity and the difficulty of how to control people with power and to think about virtue in a long term mindset.

20 December 2017 – California is burning. – Here is a great Forest Service map of the whole US showing wildland fire potential.

21 December 2017 – How risk averse should we be? – “Don’t be stupid even once.”

22 December 2017 – Probaway Person of the Year – a runner up again. – Check back the first week of January 2018 to see what event was so important that it will be remembered in five hundred years by sentient beings.

23 December 2017 – At age 82 I get a brother. – Getting a brother at age 82 is a fantastic Christmas present.

24 December 2017 – We are made of more than starstuff. – I feel comfortable thinking about being part of the physical Universe.

25 December 2017 – The Tao Teh Ching – #43 – Revealed by Lao Tzu – Rendered by Charles Scamahorn – The advantage of being that which attracts that which needs to be.
It is a method which few people can ever understand or apply.

26 December 2017 – Sage tip #96, Take very good care of your body and mind. – Big troubles tomorrow begin with little pleasures today.

27 December 2017 – Sage tip #11, Practice adapting quickly to new situations. – Practice, practice, practice finding and adapting to new situations.

28 December 2017 – 23andMe led to pictures led to this. – The DNA from 23andMe was conclusive: Renee is my niece.

29 December 2017 – The Old Stone Church Sermon on the Mount – Did this stylized stained glass Greek letter Omega watch over the last Christmas service? THE END. Or is the beginning of something NEW?

30 December 2017 – Sage tip #102, Keep your attention toward worthy goals. – Cultivate having your attention focused on worthy goals like being kind to other people because it cultivates a karmic reward.

31 December 2017 – Ten years of a blog post a day. – Its a long tail and there are many more posts with hundreds of page views. There is a total of 1.73 million views at present.