Being terminally poor makes buying a new home as difficult as being a billionaire. When one is too poor there isn’t anything inhabitable, and when one is too rich there isn’t anything good enough to bother to inhabit. Today, our Realtor showed us a half-dozen houses which more or less matched our strange needs. The worst problem for the Realtor was my unwillingness to spend money. It seems that no one is willing to sell us a house for no money. I just can’t understand why people are so covetous of their possessions; it seems to be an inbred human flaw.

One place we looked at that was intriguing was what appeared to be an old mink farm. It cost “only” $64,000 and was in the deep woods near Grass Valley, California. It had a lot of strange character, which really appealed to my weirder “artistic” sensibilities; unfortunately, it also had a dead animal smell which grossly offended my more mundane ones.

One of the key factors in our home search was that it be easy to live in. That is an intentionally nebulous criterion, but it is a good guide, because when any of the infinite number of variable factors looks difficult in any way we can hold it up to that standard. Is it going to be easy to live with this thing for a long time? If it isn’t easy, just walk away.

One place we looked at was an older mansion. It was difficult to determine just how big it is because quite a bit of it wasn’t counted. It’s official living space was about 3,000 square feet, but there was another part of it that was almost as big, but which wasn’t counted as living space. That was good space but separate from the main area. It couldn’t be rented out because of recent rezoning and to enter it you had to go outdoors. This giant place had a big basement and a covered grade-level enclosed outdoors, and a huge yard. The problem for us or anyone else was basically, how are we going to cope with all this dry but somewhat challenged space? Also, it wasn’t walking distance to a grocery store, which seems to be one of our criteria.

When you look for really cheap housing that hasn’t been sold, there are going to be some really strange things about it. A nice comfortable, convenient, ready to live in place with all the amenities is going to cost real money, and like I said, I hate to spend money.

Spending money is a sin against Mother Nature!