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Arcology is a general term for self contained cities. They are science fiction staple usually placed in the distant future, but sometimes arcology refers to cities designed by professional architects, when they are not otherwise gainfully employed.

Two projects I have written about are similar to Arcology, The EarthArk Project which isn’t a city but has as its general principle the saving of humanity and all other biologically active entities, but mostly seeds. It is a permanent deep-freeze of all organic things placed at high altitude in Antarctica where the temperature is always below 40° F.

A second proposal is The Life Haven Project which is similar to the arcology principle, but it is intended to be constructed as quickly as possible. To some extent my Life Haven already exists in South Island, New Zealand where the people are most likely to survive Doomsday wars without much further preparation. The basic Life Haven is a location of few thousand persons of maximally divers ethnic background formed into communities on the islands of the southern oceans. They are presently uneconomical locations, and therefore are not presently occupied by people. These Life Havens are intended to form a core of all of the things of the modern world, to provide a basis from which the future world could reconstitute itself after a worldwide disaster. They would be maximally remote from Doomsday wars, and would be designed and stocked to survive for ten years without any outside support. Thus when a Doomsday occurred they could form the basis for repopulating the Earth, both with humans and with a large selection other living things.

The future must be now when it comes to The EarthArk.