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Today’s news, reported in The Telegraph – UK, brings an evil brewing conflict between Israel and Iran into view. The problem is that the heads of state in both of those countries are at loggerheads on the atomic bomb issue, and Israel’s right to exist. The Iranians claim that it is their sacred duty to drive the Israelis out of Palestine and that they will explode atomic bombs over Israel at the first possible opportunity. The Israelis have possessed atomic weapons for years and are hesitant to let anyone who makes such vehement death threats against them get access to those weapons.

A culture which has reverence for suicide bombers must be taken seriously when it makes ambitious threats, because the only difference between a single person committing suicide and a whole country doing so is a question of scale, and not one of belief or intent. If Iran did explode an atomic bomb on Israel, there is little doubt that a large number of bombs, perhaps hydrogen bombs, which are a thousand times larger, would be deployed on Iran. Only a population of people totally comfortable with the personal death of themselves and the death of everyone they know and love could possibly entertain such an action. Because the Iranian people have not replaced their leadership with people who value this public’s lives more highly, in the face of such overwhelming danger, we can only assume that they are themselves willing to die at this moment.

It is very strange that they should feel this way, and be willing to die for an intellectual belief, because probably the vast majority of Iranians do not personally know any Israelis, and would have very little reason to quarrel with any if they did know them. The whole motive forces behind these attitudes are mental constructs based on what some other people have told them is expected of them as human beings. Fighting over land, or water, or access to food would make sense, but being willing to have everyone you know killed because someone lives on a narrow strip of land a thousands of miles away defies reason. It is because those beliefs are so very unreasonable that the Israelis are so very worried.

The Iranians believe they have nothing to lose by dying, but the Israelis believe they will lose everything by killing Iranians.