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Color the OFF-ramps red on the maps, and the ON-ramps green. The usual map designations are the same color and sometimes it is impossible to tell from the map how to get on the freeway or off of it.

These ramps in Bend, Oregon are all unique and difficult to read.

Highway maps need many improvements but this is a simple one.

Freeway OFF ramp color red Bend Oregon

The ON-ramp and the OFF-ramps are color coded.

This simple improvement makes it clear where to position your car for entry or exit from a freeway.

Freeway ON-ramp color coded in Bend Oregon

Freeway ON-ramp color coded green and the OFF-ramp red, in Bend Oregon

The small city of Bend, Oregon has three ON-ramp, OFF-ramps intersections from their highway 97, all of which are not of a standard clover-leaf pattern and each of which is different. A color coded map, such as the ones shown above where I drew in some color coding would be helpful. Other colors might be chosen, but green for ON for on to the freeway and red for OFF for off of the freeway seems appropriate. The implementation of this idea would only require some appropriate computer coding for Google Maps because each of these ramps already has a tiny arrow indicating traffic direction.

The world is awash in little things that can be improved.