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I never grew up very well! I still have an overabundance of adolescent traits which never got fully transitioned into adult ones, and thus I find myself still fussing over things which are more typical of a teenager than an incipient geriatric. Most people make their decisions about the absolutes of life by the time they are twenty and move on to the problems of adulthood – making a living and caring for their family. Of course my body aged with the flow of years, but because I was never sufficiently satisfied with the answers to life’s problems, and was never forced to work overly hard to sustain my physical existence, it was possible for me to wallow year after year in the complexities and reasons for things being as they are. You can read the results of these wallowings in these blog posts.

I did discover some useful things which no one in the world knew before I published them, and therefore it has been time not totally wasted by me, or by humanity for creating a world in which I could flourish, such as I did. Occasionally I get a thank you from a total stranger who applied one of my life hacks and discovered that it worked. Those are small but valued rewards.

As I get older several things obvious to others became obvious to me, and one  is we all need to help each other find our way through this crazy world. That observation is especially important to helping those people who are trying to do something outside of the ordinary. The problem is that when a person sets out on a new idea, which they think may be valuable, the vast majority of people will find fault with their attempt, and will treat them like fools, and go to extremes to show why they shouldn’t be doing anything and especially the  particular thing that is new and therefore has unknown consequences. If an idea isn’t common knowledge then common people will not understand it, and most people are common, so most people won’t understand, and so most people will fight to defend their ignorance.

New ideas are not accepted by the common person until they are accepted by the common crowd. Therefore, for a new idea to be accepted it must be presented as if everyone already believes it, and any new quality of the idea must be buried in the context of already accepted common wisdom. The standard advice for giving a speech: tell them what you are going to tell them, tell them what it is you want them to know, and then tell them what you told them – and then tell them what the little thing is that they need to do. But what I am adding to that is to couch each of these statements in such a way that it appears they, and everyone they know, knew these things all along, and were planning on doing the proposed activity, and all we are now doing is enabling this to be done more easily because everyone is cooperating in the endeavor.

Mature behavior is displayed in making it possible for people to act goalfully.