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Living a life out of contact with functional and accurate feedback from ones natural surroundings leads to a painful existence and an early death. The more accurately a person can perceive reality and respond to it in a way that advances their well being, and the well being of those around them, they happier they will be in the short run and the more likely that they can find contentment in life in the long run. Pain hurts and it is your bodies method of telling your conscious self that something isn’t right with it, and that you should use your conscious self do something which will alleviate its pain.

Everyone, will have these painful reminders all the time. If you observe yourself carefully, right now, you can probably find some little pains that are suggesting that you do something. Perhaps it is as small a thing such as changing your sitting position, but if you are so distracted with other pains you might not notice even that simple suggestion, your body is offering you. Perhaps you are having so much emotional pain you don’t notice the pain in your behind, and so that pain grows until you do notice it, and move. Or perhaps you are so involved in something interesting that you don’t notice the other pains, for a while at least, but when your life is quiet these natural pains will make themselves annoying enough to rouse you to action.

The body is trying to maintain itself in an optimal functioning condition and if a person is doing something which interferes with that activity they are violating the basic laws of life. Most people don’t even know what their brain is for. I know this to be true because I have asked that question of many people. Whenever there is a conversation about intelligence or IQ tests or  such things, I will pop a question. Even groups of college graduates are usually flummoxed by this simple question. “What is the brain for?” If you think everyone knows the obvious answer, just ask that question amongst your acquaintances, without a whole lot of prompting that is – just ask.

The function of the brain is to maximize the health of the body so it can survive well in the present environment, so that you may reproduce and sustain your species. That is the Darwinian take on the brain, and it is why humans evolved their spectacular brains and society. It helps them survive and reproduce. It’s that simple. Unfortunately, nearly everyone forgets that simple truth and you see seemingly intelligent, seemingly sane people doing things which obviously violate that simple rule of self preservation and enhancement of biological potential. It is obvious that they are not using their brains properly.

Use your intelligence to enhance your physical wellbeing.