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Having now attended the Bend, Oregon WordPress MeetUp group three times, it has become obvious that this website you are reading desperately needs an upgrade. As a test of some of the ideas presented in the group, the part of this blog called The UNESCO World Heritage site is being revamped and moved to a new location. The changes are not so much in content, at least in the beginning, but in revealing the content by moving things around to get nonessential stuff out-of-the-way and make it more obvious how to use and benefit from the information.

Another, upgrade is a subtle changing of the titles, headings and tags and content so the search engines will be more able to see the content and accurately present it. In part this is done by using words which the public is interested in at the moment. If no one is interested in the topic as defined by the search words then it won’t be found, and thus never read. These terms are listed by Google everyday and are readily searchable. I was aware of that capability but had no idea how to exploit it to drive traffic to my web site. The generalities are obvious, but making them work isn’t so obvious, in fact it is an arcane art and those who know how to practice it will surge ahead of those who don’t.

Be visible and found or invisible and forever obscure.