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7 Billion now! 14 Billion in 40 years? 28 Billion in 80 years?

The simple facts: 7 billion people need food to live and raise children! Without food people will die and have no children! Food is grown on land in the form of plants, but there is a limited supply of land. Plants need water to grow, but there is a limited supply of water. Plants need to be transported from where they are grown to where people live, but it takes energy to cultivate the plants and move them to the people, but there is a limited supply of energy. The population of people is continuing to double in 40 years, and new-born people are now expected to live for 80 years on average, but there is no more land, no more water and no more energy available to grow food for these future billions of people. There will be less of these essentials in the future because some of them are one-time-use resources, and when they are used up they are gone forever. If all of them are gone, all of the people will soon be gone too.

Doomsday chart of significant factors

7 Billion people hasten Doomsday when positive feedback loops combine.

That stated the problems in the simplest possible way, so everyone can understand, and it seems the conclusions are obvious to everyone, so why do the media and the politicians ignore this most dangerous of all problems? With some people already starving to death, it seems unlikely that the world can double its population and not have many more people starving. If that is the situation the present short-sighted policies are condemning billions of people to a death by starvation. Furthermore, that is assuming the world remains as peaceful as it presently is, and there is no major war, which obviously would be much worse for all humanity. However, because people hesitate to starve to death without a struggle it is likely that they will fight to their utmost to save themselves, and that will cause a war. This would be a war for physical survival and not just a question of ideology or a particular spin on assumptions about the nature of god. Even those non-vital wars have killed considerable portions of humanity, but a fight-to-the-death survival-war might eliminate nearly everyone. Not everyone, but nearly everyone, because the resources necessary to create food would be ruined, and it would take several years for the Earth to recover to the point where large-scale production could even be attempted. However, by then most people would be long gone.

Why worry? We are presently living in the best possible world that ever existed for humans, and that is why human fertility is so high. With the overpopulation disaster nearly certain, the best advice for the vast bulk of human society is to live a quiet contented life while you have the opportunity. It will be great until the last few weeks.

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