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We all want to experience our lives to the fullest. That doesn’t necessarily mean living beyond the edge of sane behavior or living in a totally guarded way. Many people seem to think that risking their lives in the pursuit of quick thrills adds spice to their otherwise tedious lives, but I think that the real excitement in human life is found in exciting human interactions. Some others take the opposite approach and protect every aspect of their being and thus never experience anything new.

The excitement of being human is in the doing of things which are consistent with some humanly available activity but which still offers unexpected challenges to the moment, which require a timely response. These kinds of interactions can be had with the environment, and that is what makes skiing such a popular activity. The ski slopes offer many challenges which must be adapted to quickly, which then lead to other challenges. Life is a game of adapting to various challenges.

When the interaction is with another human being the challenges can be much more varied and the responses more varied also. What makes human conversations interesting to all the parties concerned is the subtle play between the expected and the unexpected interactions between the people. But, what becomes most interesting to most people are the unusual and unexpected things which come burbling up out of their own responses. The conversation becomes an exploration of their own internal unconscious zombies of habit which inhabit all sentient creatures. The more exciting the conversation with other people or with the environment the more of these unknown facets of our own being become exposed and the more fulfilling our lives become.

A good conversation with our outer-self isn’t about proving how many facts we know about some subject, but in how much of our unknown being we expose to another person and most importantly to ourselves. As a good conversation develops the layers of conventional thinking are peeled away and an exuberance of previously unknown connections develop. These may seem weird to everyone, but if they develop out of a knowledge base of habits which are true responses to our previous environmental experiences, then the new ideas will often be worthwhile. Even with the best of us many really new ideas will be unworkable, and the people exploring the boundaries of personal experience and wisdom will with some probing conversation ferret these out, and expose them. Good ideas will percolate into real world applicable paradigms. With fully sane people the poor ideas will quickly get washed away in the conversation.

Unfortunately, with poorly informed people or those with poorly organized personalities the unworkable originating ideas may be formed and not be cleansed away with habits of good sense and the acceptance of good feedback. There accumulates a new layer of poorly working habits, because of a lack of good self cleansing of the previously existing mental habits. That mental condition will tend to let unworkable theses in turn develop and permit destructive ideas to take over the future behavior and future learning. As individuals age they become more locked into their habits and if these were poorly formed they lead into a cycle of poorer and poorer relationships with their environment.

To maximize the vigor of one’s life it then becomes clear that we should seek out the sanest most productive people, books and entertainment available to have our conversations with. That will help us to find the best in our own, preexisting habit structures, and that in turn will lead us into happier, healthier and more productive lives.