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Last year I worked for months creating the basic World Heritage Links site. I has gotten very little attention. Last month I joined a WordPress MeetUp group. These people are varied in their interests and backgrounds, but they have in common the desire to make money with their online activities. Only in the most nebulous way did I have that ambition in the past, but they convinced me that my materials will proliferate better if they are commercialized, and I was interested in maximizing my readership. So, I have been making an effort to take one of my more promising sites and commercialize it. So far, my several weeks of near continuous effort have met with online failure and the groups friendly but helpful scorn.

I want to make this World Heritage Links site a success because the mind wrenching I have had to endure is necessary to get my head screwed on properly. And, until I can see the problems and their follow on problems and their solutions and their follow on solutions clearly I don’t have a chance of making my bigger projects a into the successes they should be. The EarthArk Project, is literally designed to save all humanity, civilization and all plant life. Unfortunately, as it is presently designed it is impossible to be a success. The way it has been conceived and presented lacks a vibrant immediacy, and it isn’t going to find a willing audience. In addition to the usual problems with selling a new idea, The EarthArk Project doesn’t have an immediate reward for the people putting in time, effort and money to make it work. Therefore, it will not take off. I didn’t see that clearly last year, even though I was trying to think through the various problems. Now after this punishing month of blistering critique I at least have a glimmering of what I must do to make a web site a success. When I can see how to make something closer to a standard site into a success I will be better able to make the more difficult to sell, EarthArk Project workable. My last few weeks blogs are loaded with my pitiful discoveries about my personal failings.

One thing which all really successful sites have is a unique item for sale. ideally this item can be found nowhere else in the universe and it will soon be grabbed up by someone. The price isn’t the object and it can be very low or very high or anywhere in between, but it must be sold. It must be sold! And perhaps it should be said, It must be sold quickly.  If nothing is actually sold there is no way of telling if anyone on the whole universe values the thing. Therefore, it must be sold.

That would have been an impossible thing for me to have said a few years ago, because I was laden with guilt about manipulating people. The slightest sales pitch, by anyone, felt to me like a heinous crime. I saw these crimes everywhere, they were all around me, and they offended me greatly. I even avoided giving people free advice because it felt like I was directing them, so I always spoke in abstract generalities. Instead, I published really interesting discoveries on the internet for everyone to see and value at their price. Their price was – Free. Free and therefore worthless, and if something is worthless it can’t be sold. If no one can profit from having a thing then no one wants it. The item must have a price attached to it or it is worthless. The potential buyer determines the price at which the item will move, but the seller determines if the item is even available for sale. But, there must be value exchanged for the item to be of general public value.

In these transactions I am the provider, therefore I am a seller and therefore I must determine the price at which my proffered items will be offered, they must be priced in such as as to move in their market. There are a multitude of things which effect these transactions, but the ultimate fact is the exchange of money. With no exchange of valuable assets there is no growth of total world value. The only way to know the price of a things in a given market is to sell the items. So for a blog:

Always have items for sale, and sell them quickly.