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The last few days we have had more house guests so I haven’t had much time to think about my blog posts. We have traveled about our locality showing off the sights of our city from atop Pilot Butte, eating at a few of the fine restaurants here, and we had a pleasant walk along Mirror Pond on the Deschutes River near the spot where Echo and Narcissus appeared on July 4th. It was a gorgeous warm day and I watched for some Narcissus flowers hanging over the water’s edge, but didn’t see any. We took a drive north some twenty miles today to see the Smith Rocks, which are spectacularly ragged cliffs rising vertically from the Crooked River for hundreds of feet. Perched on the top of three of the pinnacles were some very large birds, but they were so high up we were unable to identify if they were hawks or eagles. With their sharp eyes and noses they were probably analyzing our flavor and found us inedible. Back in Bend we visited the Juniper Swim and Fitness Center, near downtown, and just did a walk through of the world class facilities. Bend is loaded with upscale surprises like this year-around, near new, 50 meter pool and lots more. Also there is an abundance of public art sprinkled throughout the city. Bend may not be Florence, Italy, with art by the Renaissance masters, but it has very good public art.
Now I am off to the WordPress MeetUp group for a new grilling.