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Our lives have been very stressful recently because we have been trying to buy a new house. Yesterday, my post, written in a Bend, Oregon motel, was about those stresses, and last night, after writing it, I woke up at 4AM and didn’t go back to sleep. It was time to make another life changing offer. Just three days ago we had gone through all the papers on our second attempt to purchase a house, that time in Grass Valley, California. It met most of our needs but at the last-minute I decided there were a couple of negative aspects about the property that would be difficult to live with and so I canceled out on the whole thing. That was stressful to me, and my spouse and the Realtor, but it had to be done. That was on Friday. On Saturday with another web search we discovered another promising place in Bend, Oregon, so after checking that the February weather had left the highways unusually dry, we contacted a Realtor and headed out on Sunday afternoon about 4PM for the eight-hour drive to Bend. We stayed overnight at Klamath Falls, Oregon and got out of bed early and up to Bend about 11:30 for our appointment. I must remain a bit vague on the details, about our house, for a couple of days but we were shown five houses that we had selected from a pre-sorted list made up by us and our realtor. One house in 139 SW 9th St. Redmond, OR called the Scott House was built-in 1917; it was really well built and nice in that older style.


Scott House Redmond Oregon

The old Scott House in Redmond, Oregon is even cuter inside.


In Berkeley it would be a million dollar house, especially being on a large property with extra buildings, but it was in need of considerable maintenance, and we want to have an easy to live in situation. All the properties we looked at were larger than 2,000 square feet. We visited an even larger modern MacMansion box which was spacious and very plain, but that was in a tract and wasn’t to our liking, but it was worth the few minutes visiting, and I can see why they are popular.

I can’t write about what we decided to buy until the papers are accepted by the current owners, but we have made our third offer to buy a house, and this one is much better than any of the others that we have seen. This last four days has included a three-hour drive to see six houses, in Grass Valley, California, with an offer to buy one of them. An overnight change of mind. Another search and then a nine-hour drive to Bend, Oregon, a look at several more houses, two of them twice, and then an offer to buy one, which after a restless, almost sleepless night in a motel, required filling out numerous papers, and then another nine-hour drive home. Needless to say we are tired. My blogs have been short because my brain is otherwise occupied.

As it turned out yesterdays post was very helpful in centering my thoughts. Debbie was happy with each of the houses we had made offers on, and was beginning to feel frustrated at my over-thinking the problems. Having read yesterdays post she knew where I was having hesitancies. I was still dithering in the Realtors office while they were talking and trying to work up the papers, then I thought, “Would I be happier five years from now living in my present house and in my present situation or living in this new place?” Once I framed the problem in that way it was easy to make a clear and decisive decision. Almost certainly I would be much happier in this new house.

Writing a blog clarifies one’s thoughts and makes decisions easier.