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We went to the Bend Fall Festival again today in part because we had such a good time yesterday, and because we were involved in the Worldwide Photo Walk, we didn’t have time to visit everything. So today after the Unitarian Universalist meeting, we walked the two blocks over to the festivities. Once again we had a great time, mostly just talking with people we met at the festival, hanging out in coffee shops and bookstores and looking at well crafted stuff.

Hanging out at the Thump coffee shop

Hanging out at the Thump coffee shop with a 4-H booster.

A short birthday song on YouTube sung to me by two baristas in Dudley’s Bookstore.

Then we went walking along the Deschutes river park, just a block away, when we needed a break from all the action. All the same it was too much fun, and Debbie needed to take a moment off.

Nap time in the alley beside the Trump coffee shop.

Whistler's mother naps for a minute in the alley beside the Thump coffee shop.

BE FREE ↓ BE YOU which in this case meant taking a quick nap.

Even fun can be tiring and require a nap.