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People don’t care for abstract thinking, but they love a story. Some even like astoundingly poor stories. I love Plan Nine From Outer Space, which is claimed by many movie buffs to be the worst movie ever made. Maybe so — I might even agree with them — but it has a living human intelligence behind the poorly delivered dead zombie dialog, and it does address our existential problem and humanity’s place in the universe. I know of no other that faces so squarely our responsibility to the Universe and the distant living intelligences that inhabit it.

The problem with good stories is that they very often, perhaps always, violate objective reality and teach us to love and learn behaviors that are counterproductive to our own welfare and hurtful to everyone else. What is needed is a blend of good storytelling skills and a solid grounding in reality to provide workable solutions for our edification.

Perhaps the actors Ronald Reagan and Arnold Schwarzenegger are good examples, because they were both masters of fantasy and of storytelling. Later in their careers they found their way into higher politics where they were able to exploit their acting and storytelling skills in real world politics.

Abstraction of reality is necessary to form any conception of the world which surrounds us, but it tends to be analytical and cold to human emotions and the daily flow of typical human thought. Abstraction may offer us fine patterns for our mind to perceive the relationships among things of the natural world, but it doesn’t offer the feeling that is the motivating force behind our actions.

This blog has been rife with that type of dry analytical thinking. Although it may have clarified many things, it has left these writings unnecessarily alienated from the rest of humanity. My plan is to change the style of these posts somewhat and explore the more human and emotional ways of presenting ideas. The EarthArk Project is about as abstract a subject as one is likely to encounter, but it is essential that some such plan be put into place for the future of humanity and the earth to be as healthy as possible. It needs to have a more human presentation for it to be accepted and become successfully implemented.

Tomorrow I shall begin telling stories.