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Tonight at the Bend, Oregon Photo MeetUp we all had a great time showing off photos of reflections we had taken. Most of the pictures were of reflections off water of trees, of sunsets, of sky, and some were off of windows, of curved auto mirrors, of hub caps, and some were off of household jars, of table tops, of eye-glasses. Most were surprisingly good and showed a real effort to illustrate our assignment of photographing reflections. Those photos aren’t available to me to show to you, but mine I can show, which will give you some idea of what people were up to.

Bend Oregon boys touching their reflection

Bend Boys touching their reflection in the Deschutes River, Mirror Pond.

Narcisses and ducks

Narcissus echoed the Bend Boys, and ducks without any reflections.

Bend Boys mirror

Me in the Mirror Pond the Bend Boys were looking into and I'm all warped!

My nose grows

My nose grows distorted like Pinocchio's with the telling of my tale.

Everyone has a story to tell, and some do it with photos.