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Humans will cause Doomsday to fall upon the Earth, but of all the species they are the most likely of the larger animals to survive. The reasons are simple enough: 1. Humans are spread from the South Pole to the North Pole, which alone gives them a survival advantage when something really horrific comes along. Because of their diffusion, some of them will simply be somewhere else when the trouble comes along and will not get the full dose of Doomsday. All other creatures, down to microbe size, are not so diffused. 2. Humans who are not directly impacted immediately by the Doomsday events will have some warning and will be able to take measures to protect themselves. Many will of course be unlucky and get killed quickly or be unlucky and not be able to make sufficient preparations, or be unlucky and be too stupid to take any proper action even when given the necessary warnings and a chance to save themselves.

Iceland volcanic eruption with horses

Icelandic volcanic eruption with horses grazing without noticing their peril.

Photo from abc.net.au. Of all creatures, only humans would look up for more than a few seconds at the danger an eruption of this magnitude would present. All but the most foolish of humans, when seeing this eruption in progress, would consider what actions they should be taking for the next few days.

Farmer saves his horses from the fallout of a volcanic eruption

Icelandic farmer leads his horses from the coming fallout of a volcanic eruption.

Volcano cattle are reluctant to be herded into a barn

Volcano cattle are reluctant to be herded into a barn

Volcano-horses being led into a barn for protection

Icelandic volcano-horses being led into a barn for their protection

Great photos from Boston.com. The animals do not perceive the danger of the ash clouds until they start breathing the dust, and so they must be protected by humans and their powers of forethought.

The eruption in the top picture would be equivalent in dust formation to a large H-bomb exploded at ground level and starting a city on fire. There are very approximately 30,000 of these weapons already ready to explode.

You’ve been warned. Wake up.