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People sometimes ask me what is my favorite Probaway Post? To which I answer as Pablo Picasso did, “I love them all, they are all Picasso’s.” But the simple fact is that with 3,087 posts, “I don’t remember.”

On the left of this Probaway blog there is an automatically updated list of the current TOP 10 posts, as WordPress measures and posts. Below that is a chronological list of the Recent 50 posts. There were 148 Philosophers Squared, that I go back and look at, and enjoy, and 1,000 World Heritage Sites, which have lots of useful links. It’s a real time sump because so many of the places when visited in YouTube, and Wikipedia are so very interesting. The comparisons of things on Google Ngrams like philosophy and the Golden Rule give a fascinating commentary on how human morality has changed over the last 200 years. Adverse Childhood Experiences versus Positive Childhood Experiences, gives specific dos and dont’s about behavior. Ebola Virus Disease had a monthly series of logarithmic charts and analysis. A logarithmic chart of 100 deadliest wars.

I feel The EarthArk Project for saving plant seeds and digital information to save the Earth’s environment by restoration for as long as 10,000 years is important, and The Life Haven Project for saving the human genome past a World War Three Doomsday is essential for the human species. These projects are not to save individuals, but to save humanity and the earth’s living environment.

At the top border of every Probaway post is a list of dates,

Clicking on one of these years will list all of the 365 days of that year by title with a single line quote for each date. That compresses my “wisdom” into indigestible morsels, but they are fun to read, and they link you back to those days for the full treatment.

I began this blog in 2008 with The Probaway Person of the Year. It was my estimate of people whom it seems possible will be remembered in 500 years. It was a response to TIME magazine’s Person of the Year, which is intended to commemorate their estimate of the most significant person of that year, even if that person is soon forgotten. They didn’t choose Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin, the first humans to set foot on an extraterrestrial body, the Moon, but did choose some other astronauts (Apollo 8) whose names are already forgotten.

As of the moment the Probaway WordPress blog statistics are 3,087 posts – 1,351,677 views – 357,414 visitors – 3,405 most views per day, July 17, 2012. Perhaps the most commented on post was You can’t cure stupid, especially Detroit stupid. That was a January 11, 2009 commentary on Detroit’s promotion of powerful gas-guzzling cars, while begging Washington DC to bail them out of debt. It offended people when I said, Give stupid people power and they will do stupid things with it. Well, that was eight years ago and cars are consuming far more gas now than ever.

My interest since beginning these daily posts eight and a half years ago has been to help people and all humanity to self-actualize their potential. This last month there have been several posts that carry this idea to the ultimate, to help self-actualize the entire Universe, as in – Maturing our behavior from Infant thru Sage +.

So, to answer the original question, “What is my favorite post?”

What I am doing now always seems important; it’s always like that.