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What will make you thrive?

We all want the good things in life, and to avoid and discard the unpleasant ones. The good stuff is that which we can use to improve our personal lives, and the bad stuff is what degrades it. What I value most, in the abstract long run, is that which  is designed to help humanity achieve its maximal contentedness. Most people want to be happy and make money, and that’s a good thing for them.

Is my current life wrong for me?

There is a more general way of looking as this problem I am terming Zeroscaping, and it comes to adapting you and your environment to each other in an optimal way. The term Zeroscaping is derived from xeriscaping. That is is a gardening term, which refers to ways that reduce or eliminate the need for supplemental water from irrigation in arid landscapes. Its basic idea is to find gardening plants which are naturally adapted to the local environment, and thus will not need water or much maintenance. Zeroscaping your life is similar, it means reducing or eliminating things down to zero importance, which demand unwanted time, attention, energy, money or anything else. It is designing your life to fit perfectly into the environment into which you propel yourself. Thus, when you are in a different place in your daily schedule you will have a different set of priorities for setting up your zeroscape environment. When at home your environment is totally different and thus requires different priorities than when you are at work, in the grocery store, on vacation or visiting your mother in-law. There are of course overall zeroscaping needs for your life which are time dependent, and when you are 20 years old your needs are very different from when you are 40 or 60 even if you are living in the same house and have the same job. You can think ahead and plan for these different life situations so they will be beneficial to everyone. Seek ways to help the people you encounter using your unique abilities, but in ways which don’t excessively sap your life energies.

Where will I thrive best?

To take the gardening concept a bit further, it doesn’t make sense to spend a lot of time, money and energy watering lush tropical plants when residing in a desert. Many people do have lush gardens in these situations, but it consumes a lot of their local natural resources and personal life resources and those might be better spent on other things that are more fitting to the local situation. Zeroscaping your life means observing, understanding and getting in touch with your various local environments and then getting the most out of those situations by fitting them to your own needs and abilities. This is choosing to set up self sustaining situations so they are best for you and they are best for your environment and the people in it.

What you first think is the best place may kill you.

An example, again of wild of plants, some of which are typically only living in some very difficult situation even for them, like up the side of mountains, at the treeline. Why do they live in such difficult environments? These same plants will probably grow much better in more temperate situations such as a sea level garden and yet they only live in these difficult mountain regions. The survive in the mountains because they can not compete successfully in those milder conditions, except with human help, as in a garden. They can survive in the wild there on the mountains, and they cannot survive as wild species in the temperate places. However, these species which do well in the temperate situations can not even survive in the winter frost at the high elevations, let alone compete. It is a complex set of interactions that work their way out by having those things which can survive best finding those locations where they can survive and then trying to adapt themselves to their local environment and flourish.

Think! – Where are my abilities most needed.

The lesson to learn from this zeroscaping our lives idea, is for us humans to use our intelligence to spot those situations where we can thrive the best. Most millionaire NBA super stars wouldn’t do well in Silicon Valley, writing computer code, or developing new inventions and would end up being janitors if they lived there. And vice versa for the millionaire computer geeks competing on the basketball courts against the pros in that game. The geeks might not score a single point in a whole seriously played game, score 200 to 0. And, once again, vice versa.

Think carefully about where you will thrive best. It’s your life.