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It was a spectacular day here in Bend, Oregon. The 4th of July has a tradition of exuberance, since 1923, in the form of parades, public spectacles on the beautifully landscaped embankment of the Deschutes River, which flows right through the center of town, and wild fireworks from the top of the extinct volcano Pilot Butte. One peculiar aspect of this event is the highlighting of the local animals in the Pet Parade. There was a bountiful supply of animals of all sizes, shapes, species and decorations but especially of dogs. Nearly every person and animal was sporting some kind of patriotic red, white and blue decoration. Some wore it like clothing, some had it painted on and some with towed wagons with kids and one was tricked out as an aeronaut supported by colorful balloons.

There were a lot of American flags and patriotism displayed. These photos only give a suggestion of what many people were seeing and feeling.

Bend Oregon Pet Parade

Here comes the Pet Parade July 4th, 2011, Bend, Oregon.

Bend, Oregon - Lots of kids, pets, flags and patriotism

Bend Oregon dog with American flags

Bend, Oregon, dogs on parade on the 4th of July, 2011 with American flags.

Bend, dogs on parade with flouncy red, white and blue collars and cool princess specs.

Bend Oregon 4th July parade flying ballon dog_SAM_0346a

The Bend, Oregon, 2011 4th July parade included a flying dog, lifted by balloons.

After the parade, down by the Deschutes River in a pond known as Drakes Park I saw these boys observing their reflections in the rippling water, Narcissus like. It happened in an instant and I was lucky to get this shot.

Bend Oregon boys touching their reflection

Bend boys touching their reflection in the Deschutes River - Drake's Pond.

Bend people were happy today and actively contented.