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Try this diet when every other plan has failed! The idea behind this technique is to become more mindful of what you are eating by making it more difficult and more sensational. This technique might even be termed the Too-Much-Diet, or the too good to be true diet.

To begin, only place foods on your plate which demand that you pay lots of attention when eating them. And the reverse is recommended too: never place anything on your plate that is easy to swallow straight away. You know how easily some highly caloric things go down your throat without any thought or effort whatsoever, on your part, because they are so smooth, slippery and mild. Things like oysters, escargot, mushrooms, okra, buttered noodles, goose paté, buttery hot mashed potatoes, guacamole avocado, chocolate mousse, butterscotch pudding etc. These are wonderful, wonderful, but they go into your gut and onto your butt as easily as a mournful sigh.

Instead of gulping down your old familiar darling foods, make eating a challenge with unusual things! Have your food served on the plate as too hard, too chewy, too stringy, too cold, too hot, too spicy, too runny, too crumbly, too flavorless, too overpoweringly flavorful and any other way you can think of to make your food more difficult to eat.

Make the plate too flat for soup, or too narrow and deep for getting food out, or make into sections, or served on separate platters. Set out small eating utensils and demitasse cups and tumblers and fill them only partly full with the refill container far away in the kitchen. When picking out new eating utensils choose ones that will make eating more refined and dainty. Get things which you ordinarily would avoid because they are too geeky in some way.

Make your eating environment uncomfortable and avoid soft easy chairs, gentle lighting, have directed but urgent music. Have a quiet area with few distractions other than eating sounds, from your eating situation. Have attractive and necessary things that need being attended to immediately when you are finished eating so there are reasons to depart the eating situation quickly. Don’t hang around the food preparation or consumption areas.

Eat anything and everything you want, just make it difficult to do.