Condensed thoughts January 2018
01 January 2018 – Probaway Person of the Year – Astronomers who discovered gold. – The discovery of the creation of the heavy elements is a major event to every sentient being in the Universe.
02 January 2018 – If you want to be happy choose to be happy. – I sometimes think what I say is profound but usually the conversations just flow and that’s what happened today.
03 January 2018 – Sage tip #136, Live modestly and shun excesses. – Living modestly and shunning excesses makes it easy to treat other people better than you treat yourself.
04 January 2018 – Motorcycles are dangerous! – Motorcycles are dangerous, but if you succeed in not getting killed there are plenty of fun things to do with the rest of your life.
05 January 2018 – Bicycles are dangerous too! – A knowledgeable friend’s interest in one’s projects is the big payoff for creative endeavors.
06 January 2018 – Sage tip #140, Work with what is and what will be. – Meditation is not for converting one’s self into a stone but into a fully functioning being who is fully conscious of the past, present, and future.
07 January 2018 – Spiritual Development Vision Statement – Today’s meeting included some examples of physical behaviors that I will be promoting for effective physical practice.
08 January 2018 – How may I help you? – By being more aware of helping other beings with their needs you become more aware of your own needs and what you need to do.
09 January 2018 – “How may I help you?” Feedback – The whole procedure was divine; we headed home with smiles on our faces and laughter in our voices.
10 January 2018 – Get done! And move on. – Getting things done in physical reality is the only thing that is useful.
11 January 2018 – STOP dithering! – A group needs a unique name, a logo, and a leader who personifies a great idea that the group can be enthusiastic about.
12 January 2018 – My cancer returns. – Well, that tiny object isn’t a wart, so you can’t accuse me of being a worry wart.
13 January 2018 – iPhone closeup photos are astonishing. – If you have trouble finding Honest Abe look carefully in the shadows of the Lincoln Memorial building.
14 January 2018 – A prayer acceptable to atheists, scientists, and the spiritually minded – An Acknowledgment of Our Dependence on Reality
15 January 2018 – An intermittent diet that worked for me. – Our bodies easily adjusted to six hours of eating.
16 January 2018 – Wake up grumpy! What’s next? – Mentally practice how you want to behave in problem situations when you are certain to be in control and certain to succeed. Now! …
17 January 2018 – Sage tip #61, Be content with what you can do. – Be content with what you can do, but do it and get it into a completed format.
18 January 2018 – Alpha and Omega symbols for our group’s brochure – It is a feeling thing more than an intellectual one that is important in some situations.
19 January 2018 – My Alpha symbol for SACC – Anyway, the fun of this Alpha is in the tiny details.
20 January 2018 – An opportunity. – Every moment you live is an opportunity to do kind actions.
21 January 2018 – Sage tip #18, Expect and prepare for the inevitable. – A more practical use of the concept of preparing for the inevitable is to prepare for your own death.
22 January 2018 – Sage tip #29, Expose people to things they can do. – Most of the time life just happens and death too.
23 January 2018 – Helping people isn’t easy. – I see it as a good thing to strive to make the world a better place for our living companions.
24 January 2018 – Sage tip #145, Follow the kindest paths to your goals. – Think ahead and be as kind to others as it is possible to be.
25 January 2018 – The Tao Teh Ching – #44 – Revealed by Lao Tzu – Rendered by Charles Scamahorn – Follow this Tao and you may live a long and contented life.
26 January 2018 – Who will thrive in the future? – Get a future-proof job and stay out of debt to anyone.
27 January 2018 – What is Spiritual Awareness for an Atheist? – Everyone is perfectly sane and logical if you can get into their world view.
28 January 2018 – I asked the labyrinth stones, “What do you need?” – Later I was looking into the faces of humans asking, “What do you need?”
29 January 2018 – Some things I’ve done – As a speaker, I was asked to write a bio for the Spiritual Awareness Community
30 January 2018 – Controlling and creating habits – The instant I do an intentional good deed I smile for two seconds and after a while in the right conditions, the behavior is automatic.
31 January 2018 – How is human worth to be measured? – Might the super-being ask, “How is human worth to be measured?” and choose that as its guiding principle?

Condensed thoughts Probaway February 2018
01 February 2018 – What a wonderful world. – There is an infinity of places, perhaps every place, where one could stand and say with deep feeling, “What a wonderful world.”
02 February 2018 – Judging people by their life choices – We judge people by their expressions of their life choices.
03 February 2018 – Several of my friends want me to teach spirituality. – I can say with deep feeling about our reality, “What a wonderful world. What a wonderful world!”
04 February 2018 – I can say with deep feeling about our reality, “What a wonderful world. What a wonderful world!” – I can say with deep feeling about our reality, “What a wonderful world. What a wonderful world!”
05 February 2018 – I Am That Great and Fiery Force – What we need are personal tasks that energize our lives with purpose.
06 February 2018 – Spiritual Awareness Community of the Cascades – We invite you to become a voting member of SACC and help us to thrive.
07 February 2018 – Spiritual Awareness Community of the Cascades update – The world society needs each person because only they can do what they do at the time that they do it.
08 February 2018 – We kick truth around again. – Our trust must always come back to the filters of our personal experience.
09 February 2018 – SACC – inside cover of the weekly folder. – Being in a group requires some accommodations.
10 February 2018 – How good is good enough? – I think this will be acceptable to everyone and won’t alienate potential members with impossible demands.
11 February 2018 – The new Spiritual Awareness Community is beginning to roll. – Sometimes a short conversation with stones can be humbling.
12 February 2018 – Time is long, life is short – so what to do? – My bath water has stabilized by now so I’m going to bathe for a while.
13 February 2018 – We are eternal! – They are eternal if they choose to believe they are and will never be proven to be wrong by discussion or by a fact only available to my consciousness after their death.
14 February 2018 – Improv therapy for empowering our spirits – We can learn to live our lives better by playing the right games.
15 February 2018 – Let’s look at the beautiful spiritually uplifting places that our Earth offers us to see. – We can do simple things to document special places all over the world.
16 February 2018 – Should we give our time and money to the poor or to everyone? – Look at the world around you and smile and you will feel better. It is easier to do when the place is spiritually charged with beauty.
17 February 2018 – Do what you are going to do and do it promptly. – What could be a better life than journeying from one inspiring place to another inspiring place? “What a wonderful world!”
18 February 2018 – What I thought of as a good idea wasn’t liked. – Only the fear of being voted out of office has any effect on a politician.
19 February 2018 – I violated a law today. – Even if you try really hard to be compliant with laws and you will still get nailed occasionally.
20 February 2018 – We must practice forgiveness to get good at it. – Think now of a person who violated you and close your eyes and forgive them.
21 February 2018 – A wonderful world logo – Everyone can be spiritually elevated when in special places.
22 February 2018 – A new version of the TimeSquared symbol – How the TimeSquared logo came into existence.
23 February 2018 – Moving on – I will soon get over this problem but it is unlikely they will ever recover from theirs. I feel a bit sad about that, but it is their choice and I fully support individual choice.
24 February 2018 – A Dictionary of New Epigrams – Enthusiasm – Without enthusiasm, you will fail; it’s that simple.
25 February 2018 – The Tao Teh Ching – #45 – Revealed by Lao Tzu – Rendered by Charles Scamahorn – The greatest perfection appears imperfect, and
Perfection does not go too far;
26 February 2018 – Intriguing points – The exact points within our world can be intriguing, powerful, energizing, beautiful, fascinating and obsessing. Let’s experience life while we have the opportunity!
27 February 2018 – A fantastic diet needs a name, a logo, a person, and idea. – All that is needed is for me to say, “I’ll do it.”
28 February 2018 – Fasting and Eating for Health – Joel Fuhrman – I’m feeling good, but after cleaning out some junk I’ll probably feel even better.

Condensed thoughts Probaway March 2018

01 March 2018 – What goal can humanity strive toward? – These new beings would consider us as their creators, and WE would become their Gods. Think of that, we would be as Gods for the rest of time itself.
02 March 2018 – A variation on my TimeSquared figure – I continue fussing with my TimeSquared symbol.
03 March 2018 – What shall I ask of these people? – How might humanity self-actualize itself and become all that it is capable of becoming?
04 March 2018 – Enjoying a day of life. – Those conversations were typical of today and there were many more.
05 March 2018 – The Obesity Code – Jason Fung, MD – review – The goal is to make the lessons so vivid and the routines so easy that everyone will remember them forever and practice them automatically until their last supper.
06 March 2018 – I am in the middle of an additional day of fasting. – Weatherwise, it was a mild day and Debbie and I had a couple of pleasant walks with no hunger.
07 March 2018 – I lost weight with my big fast. – Setting a precise goal makes it easy to know what to do next.
08 March 2018 – What is the purpose of humanity? – The grandest human self-actualization has been Buzz Aldrin’s first words spoken on the Moon, “Contact light.”
09 March 2018 – What a Wonderful World is one day closer to reality. – Our wonderful world is about to become even more wonderful.
10 March 2018 – What’s next? – It is impossible for anything to have permanent meanings so I, and we, must choose to be satisfied with the temporary ones.
11 March 2018 – I ask the labyrinth stones about failure. – Can’t I just be as a stone and just be? Unfortunately, NO. I think and therefore I have things I want to do, and therefore I must always be falling short.
12 March 2018 – On the Verge by Rebecca D. Costa – Book review – I recommend On the Verge . It has many good ideas discovered by an experienced and deep-thinking author.
13 March 2018 – What is false was once true. – A speaker must always speak in a way that can be understood by all of the audience or he will soon lose their attention and he will be interrupted.
14 March 2018 – My Life Strategy – Food – My Life Strategy is to see things from a point of view that will make doing healthy things the obvious thing to do.
15 March 2018 – My Life Strategy – My Life Strategy is to find key points and reveal them in a meaningful way.
16 March 2018 – It is about time to go public. – Saving the species of the world, saving humanity, saving people’s health and lives.
17 March 2018 – Samumpsycle smiles gamely at his fate. – Perhaps if I found a hole in Western Australia’s four-billion-year-old rocks and put Samumpsycle in it, he might last quite a while. Not me.
18 March 2018 – Being honest and liberal has its failings. – Am I a fool for being scrupulously honest and fair with other people?
19 March 2018 – Being honest and liberal has its failings.
20 March 2018 – Our ponderosa friend Moe is now a stump. – I like living in a forest, but sometimes good sense must prevail over a good view.
21 March 2018 – Chocolate just got better! – Sigh! That was then and this is now, and I missed sixty years of great eating … etc.
22 March 2018 – How can we avoid being foolish? – What’s the sense of having laws, social conventions, and polite behavior if everyone violates them?
23 March 2018 – Tips for easy living! – Food – I want to get the handout written up just right and have the key links to the science on the back.
24 March 2018 – What should I do now? – I will give “Tips for Easy Living – Eating” a good effort at a public success, not just a personal one.
25 March 2018 – The Tao Teh Ching – #46 – Revealed by Lao Tzu – Rendered by Charles Scamahorn – Let your contentment be seen; for When your contentment is seen, It brings contentment to others.
26 March 2018 – I can do that! – If you see something as a desirable quest then stating that goal clearly and bringing your attention to that goal makes it a desirable thing to be doing.
27 March 2018 – What can I do now? – I know that it is something that helps, so I do it.
28 March 2018 – Tips for Easy Living – Tips for Easy Living will succeed because it is fun and it works.
29 March 2018 – Some Stoics meet in Oregon – We need a Stoic society here in Bend. It is different from the UU and the Socrates Cafe.
30 March 2018 – Tilling the fields – Even in this modern world sometimes a man must till the fields.
31 March 2018 – My second day as a laborer – Oh yes, every muscle in my body hurts, except for those in my nose; I don’t know why they were spared.
Condensed thoughts Probaway April 2018
01 April 2018 – My third day as a laborer and a talker to stones. – I as a human have these wonderful opportunities that I can choose to do and they as rocks do not.
02 April 2018 – Okay, I’m done with physical labor for a while. – Two other projects are in the offing – The Potent Places of the World, and a show of some of my photos.
03 April 2018 – Today was productive, sort of. – Jesus’ message was infinitely more profound and I suspect that even Theodore Parker, the Unitarian Heretic may have missed its essence.
04 April 2018 – Biopsy time for prostate cancer – I should get the biopsy exam and see how aggressive my particular cancer is going to be.
05 April 2018 – A disappointing evening – A pathetic farce.
06 April 2018 – 1st Friday Art Walk in Bend, Oregon – I know that this needs to be done, I want it to be done, and I am doing it.
07 April 2018 – One year anniversary of a tree falling on my house. – Strangely though all of this struggle our Zillow house price estimate has more than doubled in seven years, which is typical for Bend at the moment.
08 April 2018 – Tips for Easy Living – I can do that !
09 April 2018 – Thinking about a lecture series on weight control – Stay tuned; I will reveal this method online like I dribbled out clues to the identity of Jack the Ripper. Just saying it is boring.
10 April 2018 – A delivery plan for Jeff Bezos – It’s all so easy to do when you have the right technology.
11 April 2018 – My experience on obesity and a new body weight setpoint. – A year-long daily intermittent fast stabilizes at a lower body weight setpoint.
12 April 2018 – I invent a small new diet device – Did I mention that this was a silly idea? And yet it is obvious that it would work.
13 April 2018 – An upgrade to the error-prone BMI body mass measuring system – Just because something is useful doesn’t mean that it will be used.
14 April 2018 – Adult Obesity in the United States – Gentle overnight fasting is the way for most normal people to bring their BMI to a healthy condition.
15 April 2018 – World-sorrow … Weltschmerz – Life goes on. … At least for a little while longer.
16 April 2018 – The marshmallow test and me. – I don’t much like marshmallows so it hasn’t been any suffering for me not to get one.
17 April 2018 – Utopia combined with Dystopia generates Eudystopia – The SF Bay Area and Berkeley was and is a wonderful place to spend one’s life.
18 April 2018 – A day most people would have enjoyed. – Lots more happened but it doesn’t feel like a productive day.
19 April 2018 – When is it time to tidy up one’s affairs? – So, at the moment my time will be devoted to helping ease the obesity epidemic.
20 April 2018 – My Tips for Easy Living get more spunk – I can spend the time and effort need to write a diet plan that people can understand and use successfully.
21 April 2018 – A silly idea that might make money – Enough of this nonsense post about towing-ball decorations. You grab it and run with it.
22 April 2018 – My problem with a lecture – An encounter with a skillful speaker awakens me to a frequently encountered problem.
23 April 2018 – Yes! I can choose to do that! – Do the impossible and make it look easy. Yes! I can do that!
24 April 2018 – Did TIME acknowledge my existence? – It is unlikely that TIME ever will ever come to my view. Why should they?
25 April 2018 – Happiness Is a Choice You Make by John Leland – Book review – You are not alone! This is a life story and it has a beginning a middle and an end.
26 April 2018 – How to protect your 1st Amendment freedom of speech. – If you can’t speak your truth you aren’t alive as a human being.
27 April 2018 – A morning at the Crow’s Feet coffee commons – Is this living? Well, it will do for the time being.
28 April 2018 – Five cubic yards of dirt get dumped on me. – We lived and lived and still nothing much is happening.
29 April 2018 – Super big plans for today and tomorrow. – Now it’s time for my hot bath.
30 April 2018 – I’m now radioactive but I don’t feel like superman. – Even though I am energized with radioactive substances I don’t feel like Spiderman or Superman either, more like the Tick just after his falling encounters with Gravity – a cruel mistress.
Condensed thoughts Probaway May 2018
01 May 2018 – My life has meaning if you value it. – One’s life has value if it is reciprocated by another being. Perhaps a dog will do. Perhaps dog is God.
02 May 2018 – My perfect health goes imperfect at 82 – When in a doubtful situation, avoid being stupid.
03 May 2018 – A strange life-and-death battle on my bathroom floor. – The ant lost this battle but I don’t want a spider living in my bathroom. Humm, what to do?
04 May 2018 – Bend’s First Friday Art Walk – May 5th 2018 – And this is only a tiny part of our evening at the First Friday Art Walk.
05 May 2018 – Experimenting with heart arrhythmias. – I haven’t tried any of the yogic meditations for controlling heart rhythm but this method worked without years of esoteric spiritual training.
06 May 2018 – Is my spider bite a dangerous Brown Recluse? – I don’t have any particular gripe with spiders but I do wish they wouldn’t bite me.
07 May 2018 – My garden is finally in … mostly. – Life is fun when there are interesting things to do.
08 May 2018 – I take some pictures while Debbie talks to Leigh Anne – They are done talking so we all head home.
09 May 2018 – How to reset the important components of your life. – Emotional fasting is the self-directed depriving of one’s self of a desired feeling.
10 May 2018 – Greed – The point of living is to have meaningful human interactions and that requires dealing with near equals but having something of value to offer.
11 May 2018 – My new life begins – That was how my day went and felt.
12 May 2018 – Out of contact with reality. – Of course, I’m the stupid one because if I made money I could have done those things too.
13 May 2018 – Yes! I can choose to do that! – To use these simple tips to become healthier, happier, wiser and wealthier. . . : . : . .
14 May 2018 – Yet another Portland experience. – It was a beautiful day but tiring and now it’s time for a hot bath.
15 May 2018 – A walk to the park. – It was a calm day and we survived intact.
16 May 2018 – Intermittent Feasting – Intermittent Feasting – Yes! I can do that.
17 May 2018 – I am not a poster boy. – I am happy to be alive.
18 May 2018 – Death doesn’t take a holiday. – Life is short but sometimes it’s too short.
19 May 2018 – I want to be a complete human being. – To be a complete human being is to feel a unity with the Universe.
20 May 2018 – A challenging meeting – I had several other meaningful conversations today, but now it’s time for my bath.
21 May 2018 – What should I do now? – Perhaps a crowdsourced funding venture is a way to make this project take off.
22 May 2018 – What’s the difference between starvation and fasting? – I like the idea of calling it intermittent feasting because I eat great food until I am comfortably full.
23 May 2018 – Another day spent thinking about my diet presentation – My so-called deep-thoughts twist my-brain but may help you untwist yours.
24 May 2018 – We humans have transitioned into second-class beings. – Without being aware of it we humans have become second-class citizens of the world, and perhaps that’s better for our species longevity.
25 May 2018 – The Tao Teh Ching – #48 – Revealed by Lao Tzu – Rendered by Charles Scamahorn – The students of knowledge acquire day by day; The students of Tao abandon day by day.
26 May 2018 – Our garden is “alive.” Yippie! Sort of. – Our life isn’t going to be a bowl of cherries because we don’t have a cherry tree, but we have planted twenty other things.
27 May 2018 – Compliance isn’t a dirty word – Compliance is easy when it’s what you want to do.
28 May 2018 – An unusual hair patch on my inner wrist – “All animals are equal but some animals are more equal than others.”
29 May 2018 – All you need is love, and what is that? – Love is giving your attention to a person who is aware your actions being directed at them, and their actions reciprocated back towards you are what makes humans human.
30 May 2018 – Life is a bowl of cherries, with pits – A wonderful thing about living in Berkeley is that people actually do things they say they are going to do.
31 May 2018 – I have lost twenty-five pounds – “Eat your meals at the table, and don’t snack between meals.”
Condensed thoughts Probaway June 2018
01 June 2018 – Bend First Friday artwalk transportation – The First Friday Art Walk always has something that attracts my attention.
02 June 2018 – How can I help? – And guide me away from seeking what is impossible.
03 June 2018 – What came first the chicken or the egg? – All of this chain of ancestors of today’s chickens were born from eggs, and they weren’t chickens.
04 June 2018 – But what is the Universe’s purpose? – I ponder.
05 June 2018 – I have now achieved my diet goal weight. – I am enjoying being BMI 23.
06 June 2018 – Once again I seek a universally workable diet plan. – When you choose to only eat for six hours per day you naturally choose healthier foods.
07 June 2018 – A big bug pays me a visit. – Metallic Wood-boring Beetle – Dicerca crassicollis
08 June 2018 – I reach my libration low point weight – So, I’m going to lose a couple more pounds and then intentionally replace it with some fresh new fat. How about that for weird reasoning.
09 June 2018 – The unexpected attack of the Subaru – Observe the white tape on the corner of the window.
10 June 2018 – We are responsible for our actions. – “I am not a number, I am a free man.” I am not a prisoner.
11 June 2018 – I speak to the Universe – What should I do the help the Universe to become a more complete representation of its potential?
12 June 2018 – People reject humorous people as out of contact with problems. – Life is just doing things so why not enjoy doing what you’re doing.
13 June 2018 – A beautiful day in Bend, Oregon – It was a day.
14 June 2018 – What should the word god mean today? – I come away from this conversation with a better feeling about being immersed in the natural order of the world.
15 June 2018 – ln the beginning … Creativity by Gordon D. Kaufman – More on the concept of God in the future.
16 June 2018 – Our garden lives and grows too – We live and live and nothing happens.
17 June 2018 – A very old-style god enters a sermon – God speaks to us in mysterious ways, claims Gordon Kaufman.
18 June 2018 – Nothing happened – We lived and lived and nothing happened.
19 June 2018 – Astoria by Peter Stark – book review – These kinds of situations are presented to you throughout this book.
20 June 2018 – My social world is shrinking fast! – My longtime resident friends are wandering away, as tourists and realtors are swarming through our streets seeking easy pleasure and money.
21 June 2018 – Okay … It’s time to be more Stoic! – This is a book that must be read by everyone who hopes to remain sane while attempting to cope with modern nonsense.
22 June 2018 – Some lines and shadows I saw – I have seen many lines in strange places these last few days.
23 June 2018 – What is the Universe’s next emergent step? – “What’s next? What’s available to emerge from where we are at?
24 June 2018 – Big adventure day for us. – Did all the above, the weather was hot, no AC but my old Geo Prizm gets good gas mileage, the driving was very stressful, and I’m really tired.
25 June 2018 – The Tao Teh Ching – #49 – Revealed by Lao Tzu – Rendered by Charles Scamahorn – Sages have no personal self.
The people’s self is their self.
26 June 2018 – My visit to the VA for an injection – I neither fear to be dead nor continuing to live, but I do have some things I can do that may help the Universe thrive.
27 June 2018 – Detroit Dam photos – It was a stressful two days of driving but we made it home in time to water the garden.
28 June 2018 – We are a transition species! – We are the transitional life form to a new kingdom of living organisms.
29 June 2018 – Lines and shadows at Bend, Oregon – Nothing much happened but it was a pleasant day.
30 June 2018 – What’s next when there are no jobs for people? – How will these decisions be made in the not distant future when there is no work and the people have become desperate?
Condensed thoughts Probaway July 2018
01 July 2018 – The Tao Teh Ching rendered by Charles Scamahorn – The way of the sage is to accomplish with attractive acts,
and never to contend.
02 July 2018 – Suddenly there were strawberries! – Gardening is an opportunity to practice various ways of being more mature.
03 July 2018 – An outrageous example of Oregon’s STUPID highways! – Perhaps I should complain to someone about this problem.
04 July 2018 – We haven’t had a city wide fire … yet. – This is the nonsense I came up with. Hooray!?
05 July 2018 – You’re dead now! Sorry. – The computers are becoming more alive every day and we are becoming more mechanistic and dead meat to them. Sorry!
06 July 2018 – Friday art in Bend – Here is the nail, ready for a hanging.
07 July 2018 – We and our Universe need help! – The Universe has brought us into being and our job is to help the Universe bring its brain into being.
08 July 2018 – A school to teach every basic skill – The goal is to develop a simple familiarity with some basic life skills using similar and repetitive physical actions.
09 July 2018 – Allbirds, the best of shoes and the worst of shoes. – I love my Allbirds shoes, but I learned the hard way not to get into dry grassy fields with them on.
10 July 2018 – Do we really want computers that “care” about us? – A Stoicly inclined person would say, “If I can’t influence the actions of a robot I will just go about my own business and not even think about it.”
11 July 2018 – I want to help the Universe self-actualize its beauty. – We are a transitional species moving over into becoming robots and by doing so we can live until the end of the Universe.
12 July 2018 – How can we accelerate our coming robot society? – We are the transitional species to help the Universe manifest its next level of self-awareness and self-actualization.
13 July 2018 – Why should I care if the Universe doesn’t care? – The Universe might then move on from being a huge but random batch of events into an emotional being caring for us living things.
14 July 2018 – I have a duty to the Universe and so do you. – The Universe has been kind to us by creating everything that is needed for us to live, and we can show our gratitude by doing the same for the Universe.
15 July 2018 – I look out of my eyes and see things. – It was a day that Seneca would have approved of, just lived and enjoyed.
16 July 2018 – We must be honest with our new Universe. – At present, the two great tasks facing humanity are to survive and to reproduce itself at the next level of sentience.
17 July 2018 – It’s time for reassessment. – We are living in the best of times and the worst of times, so enjoy the good things and ignore those bad things you can’t do anything about.
18 July 2018 – Humanity must live and it must die. – This Brave New Universe is now possible for us to create.
19 July 2018 – Human life expectancy – We are living incredibly long, healthy and productive lives.
20 July 2018 – What is a man? – Man is a transition species for creating a silicon-based society of robots. … Avoid talking to stones!
21 July 2018 – The Last BLOCKBUSTER – Goodbye to an old friend of many years ago.
22 July 2018 – Four deer enter my garden. – We have plenty of space in our backyard garden so it makes sense to make our front yard more decorative next year and not so utilitarian.
23 July 2018 – Talk without actions versus actions without thoughts. – Now I can add “clean up bird shit” to my behaviors, which I don’t remember ever doing before.
24 July 2018 – Robot society maintenance – We humans are a temporary transition species moving into a robot society. On an individual level it will probably be a lot of fun.
25 July 2018 – The Tao Teh Ching – #50 – Revealed by Lao Tzu – Rendered by Charles Scamahorn – But how may you produce these effects? By creating attractions for these powers away from yourself, and By not being attractive yourself.
26 July 2018 – My great failing has been lack of enthusiasm! – My enthusiasm is to do what I can to bring a robot society into existence which will endure for billions of years.
27 July 2018 – Human survival with robots and annihilation without robots. – Robots can and will offer us a safe, healthy society versus the threats of annihilation from H-bombs that we now endure.
28 July 2018 – We live in the moment of Universal opportunity! – Prethink and prebuild the basic sustainable infrastructure now, before our technological society is overwhelmed by the lack of cheap energy and food.
29 July 2018 – Happiness minus suffering equals flourishing – Robots can offer us a safe, eudaimonic society if we make them our friends.
30 July 2018 – Amanda MacGurn is helping humanity to thrive. – Amanda MacGurn is the front page spokesperson for the CDC.
31 July 2018 – Some lines and shadows photos – Along with trying to save the human species from extinction, I enjoy taking some nonsense photographs.
Condensed thoughts Probaway August 2018
01 August 2018 – A robot society begins with electric power – There are better things for humans to be doing than the field work seen above.
02 August 2018 – What critical components must we provide for the robot society? – When these processes are functioning smoothly there will be an optimal usage of everything for humans as well as their robots.
03 August 2018 – Too many lines and shadows – Be careful and drink only good coffee to get incredible results like these.
04 August 2018 – How to maximize human pleasure. – We can maximize the human species’ health, longevity, and happiness by making our robot society maximize its potentials.
05 August 2018 – We can save humanity by constructing a functioning robot society. – Our human species can go extinct this year or we can choose to evolve into a species that will survive for billions of years.
06 August 2018 – Some people want to leave a legacy after they are dead. – Hi, George. How’s your farm doing this year? Mine has produced far too many squashes; can you use a few?
07 August 2018 – In the beginning of the conscious Universe there was RFID. – When Thenet is functioning to maximize humanity’s longevity the H-bombs will be retired and humanity can drift into a sustainable lifestyle.
08 August 2018 – The way forward for humanity for 300 years. – In the current political mindset, it would be very difficult to create a robot society quickly and it is impossible to reduce population even a little. So … the future is obvious.
09 August 2018 – A robot society won’t need food for its own use but for us. – It will take a lot of solar cells to power the farm equipment needed to feed coming billions of people so we need to find ways to get them installed now.
10 August 2018 – Let’s help humanity survive and thrive. – For humanity to survive it must have food, and for it to thrive it must have abundant and reliable food and that means solar-dependent energy supplies.
11 August 2018 – It takes energy input to create human food. – Creating robots specifically designed to make solar energy farms would make it possible for energy production to be used for food production.
12 August 2018 – Now is the best of times and we can prepare for the worst. – What to do? Nothing! Just participate and hope for a good day.
13 August 2018 – The time to build Roboville is now! – Little we make will last a hundred years, but the robots we create now could sustain themselves for billions of years.
14 August 2018 – Humanity’s destiny is to help the Universe to actualize its potentials. – ‘Beauty is truth, truth beauty,’—that is all – Ye know on earth, and all ye need to know.
15 August 2018 – What raw materials will the robot society most need? – Some say, The End is Near! Others say, The Beginning has just begun. Or … The humans say, The End is Near! The robots say this is just the beginning.
16 August 2018 – What should we do before the Universe dies? – What we can do now is to set in motion the evolutionary processes of self-replicating robots.
17 August 2018 – Why be scared of a robot takeover? – Our human society is incredibly complex, but the coming robot society would be designed to be very simple and helpful, so we should help them to help us.
18 August 2018 – Robot Societies in Science and Science Fiction – Radio-tagged with something like RFID so they can quickly be integrated into a worldwide functional system.
19 August 2018 – Do you have free will? – I’m comfortable with the free will which I do have and will use a portion of it to help the Universe transition into its next potential state of being.
20 August 2018 – Am I conscious and self-aware of myself? – How many layers can you go into that kind of play with your reflection and maintain the feeling that you are relating to something that is relating to you?
21 August 2018 – How to become a citizen of the Universe. – Our becoming participating citizens of the Universe can be done by our evolving into what we now call robots.
22 August 2018 – More lines and shadows in Bend – My life isn’t meaningless! But sometimes I see lines and shadows, and I struggle to see some pattern to their being and what their meaning might be.
23 August 2018 – Conversing with artists is fun. – This picture probably breaks most of the rules that art students are taught. So why do my professional artist friends like these boring pictures?
24 August 2018 – I did my annual medical checkup – did you? – Having cancer isn’t expected to be fun, but so far it has been for me.
25 August 2018 – The Tao Teh Ching – #51 – Revealed by Lao Tzu – Rendered by Charles Scamahorn – Tao brings all into existence, but does not own any. It makes them, but does not claim them. It raises them, but does not rule them. It is undetectable; It is the source of all.
26 August 2018 – My garden grows squash – That’s my story, so it’s time to get down off the chimney.
27 August 2018 – How could a one-kilogram craft bring a planet to life? – The grander goal is to help the Universe become a thinking being so that it will know what it is capable of and do it.
28 August 2018 – What is a truth in today’s world? – Many people’s truths are remarkably resistant to being tested against physical reality.
29 August 2018 – Finally my prostate radiation treatments are going. – It is important to me to get this prostate cancer taken care of so I can get on with my projects, like helping the Universe to Self-actualize.
30 August 2018 – Our time is now and it won’t last for a billion years. – The time is now to get started building a robot-based society.
31 August 2018 – How big a job is helping the Universe self-actualize? – It’s a big opportunity when planning to help the Universe become all that it is capable of becoming, but how?
Condensed thoughts Probaway September  2018
01 September 2018 – How can we help the Universe to think? – The first step of Universal thought will be to fill every possible niche with silicon-based life and interconnect it with the whole.
02 September 2018 – It is time to RFID and QR code everything. – We, humans, have often been supplanted by new technologies, but usually its positive aspects make it worthwhile.
03 September 2018 – Trustworthiness of Information and its use. – The end result of quality information is quality actions bringing quality results. That requires forethought and some might say cunning to get those results.
04 September 2018 – How my self-control when dieting was made easy. – I have good self-control as was proven by my long and successful diet, but it was done by setting absolute limits on the time I ate.
05 September 2018 – How important is your life to the Universe? – You and I can help to create a Universe that thinks. It would probably value and appreciate our doing that.
06 September 2018 – What would a self-replicating robot’s early choices be? – But what would be most helpful for a robot and a robot society to self-actualize?
07 September 2018 – Self-replication of robots will permit their evolution – The goal we need to set for humanity to achieve a robot society is to create a self-sustaining robot-controlled factory that can build some of the essential components, like solar-energy collectors.
08 September 2018 – Who cares? – Who cares about something so very remote? I do.
09 September 2018 – We are creating the next emergence of the Universe. – It is our technical society that is now responsible for bringing into reality the next Universe-wide emergence.
10 September 2018 – What would a connected galaxy think about and do? – Humans don’t have the lifespan to contemplate things like the robots we can construct can think about and do.
11 September 2018 – People need meaning for their existence. – We live and all nature lives too, and we haven’t died of despair and therefore god exists and all of our lives are meaningful.
12 September 2018 – Clank – l tired.
13 September 2018 – How can I identify and eliminate my false beliefs? – Being a member of this community I wonder what dangerous false beliefs are leading me astray too.
14 September 2018 – How can I identify and eliminate my false beliefs? 2 – They are helping me eliminate my false beliefs.
15 September 2018 – How can I identify and eliminate my false beliefs? 3 – I took this picture this morning while talking with M. It’s not a chair. It’s a picture of mundane reality that we have all seen but didn’t see.
16 September 2018 – How can I identify and eliminate my false beliefs? 4 – The human interactivity of conversation can be more satisfying than the great sages even if it isn’t as profound.
17 September 2018 – This is not a vanishing chair. – My first-grade school teacher, Millie, said that all questions are good questions, but I wonder if she was right.
18 September 2018 – How can I identify and eliminate my false beliefs? 5 – It appears I slipped a little off of my goal of looking for things I want to believe. I’ll write on this subject again.
19 September 2018 – How can I identify and eliminate my false beliefs? 6 – Maybe tomorrow I will write another boring post, but tonight there is nothing to say, not even about helping the Universe to self-actualize or observe a sequence of photos of a shadow of a chair disappear.
20 September 2018 – How can I identify and eliminate my false beliefs? 7 – I don’t like thinking about this kind of stuff.
21 September 2018 – How can I identify and eliminate my false beliefs? 8 – I pursue but don’t claim those humane virtues. However, I do feel a kinship with those who value them and live them.
22 September 2018 – How can I identify and eliminate my false beliefs? 9 – My plan is to motivate humanity to create a robot civilization that can influence things billions of years in the future. Humble!
23 September 2018 – A rejection of good deeds. – It was a day!
24 September 2018 – How can I identify and eliminate my false beliefs? 10 – . . . — — — . . . I can’t.
25 September 2018 – The Tao Teh Ching – #52 – Revealed by Lao Tzu – Rendered by Charles Scamahorn – When relating to this thing, always
Interact with it in terms of its original motivation, for, To the very end, that motivation Will be embedded in that thing.
26 September 2018 – How can I identify and eliminate my false beliefs? 11 – If you present a good product people will seek it out and pay a realistic price to obtain it.
27 September 2018 – How can I identify and eliminate my false beliefs? 12 – 0
28 September 2018 – Now is the time for humanity to become immortal. – We can choose to become immortal or in our present form to be extinct very soon.
29 September 2018 – How can I identify and eliminate my false beliefs? 13 – Age brings wisdom. – Now is the time for the Universe to transition into a thinking being and we have the technology to make that happen.
30 September 2018 – How can I identify and eliminate my false beliefs? 14 – The next new idea will be grand enough to maintain my interest.
Condensed thoughts Probaway October 2018
01 October 2018 – Thank you for my birthday remembrances! – I enjoyed every minute of my life spent with you!
02 October 2018 – Another needed step for self-actualizing the Universe is interstellar seeds. – Humans are capable of thinking about interplanetary seeds and of testing via human thought and computer projections into various conditions, and of recycling potential survivors. Of all creatures, we alone can do it.
03 October 2018 – Another needed step for self-actualizing the Universe is human interest. – We can not live forever but we can create a Universe that can come close to that ideal and if we create a loving Universe it would love us and our gift forever.
04 October 2018 – How can I identify and eliminate my false beliefs? 15 – The problem with that method of solving our problems is that it is based on infantile beliefs which had little experience upon which to base responsible adult actions.
05 October 2018 – How can I identify and eliminate my false beliefs? 16 – Don’t bury the lead. – I am fond of saying, in a joking way, that “I am a slow learner, but I can learn.” But, now I am beginning to wonder.
06 October 2018 – How can I identify and eliminate my false beliefs? 17 – Humanity’s goal must be to grab the Universe by its bootstraps and pull it into a full consciousness of itself so it can self-actualize its potentials. – It’s a big job helping the Universe to self-actualize and we must get started while we can.
07 October 2018 – How can I identify and eliminate my false beliefs? 18 – Pareto charts, Scattergrams, Timeboxing, Triage, Reverse triage, SAP value mapping CARVER matrix. – I hope to work with each of these soon as I become more aware of my false beliefs.
08 October 2018 – Tomorrow creeps in – At least we’ll die with harness on our back. – Here I am … waiting! And you, dear reader?
09 October 2018 – How can I identify and eliminate my false beliefs? 19 – People will claim a long string of personal virtues, but their past actions are more predictive of their future ones.
10 October 2018 – How can I identify and eliminate my false beliefs? 20 – Grabbing other people’s space and property isn’t improving one’s self it is simple greed that will corrupt a person to their core.
11 October 2018 – Another needed step for self-actualizing the Universe is self-assembly. – We are on the cusp of being able to do these things and thus to begin the process of self-actualizing the whole Universe.
12 October 2018 – How can I identify and eliminate my false beliefs? 21 – My best option is to do the next indicated right thing and avoid stupid things with negative consequences.
13 October 2018 – How can I identify and eliminate my false beliefs? 22 – I am willing to expose myself to new experiences. – Is my effort to Self-Actualize the whole Universe based on a false belief that it is possible?
14 October 2018 – How can I identify and eliminate my false beliefs? 23 – People are interested in new views of natural reality – People take new good ideas as a threat and thus a punishment.
15 October 2018 – How can I identify and eliminate my false beliefs? 24 – That people are interested in living their lives more successfully. – Only do for others what they will pay you to do for them.
16 October 2018 – How can I identify and eliminate my false beliefs? 25 – I can endure difficulties without affecting my personal behavior. – With all of my education, etc., I have all the frailties that are to be expected of someone in my situation.
17 October 2018 – How can I identify and eliminate my false beliefs? 26 – My ability to hear what everyone has to say and to filter out the nonsense. – Just quietly walk away from people and situations that will create problems and stress.
18 October 2018 – How can I identify and eliminate my false beliefs? 27 – It is the change of my physical actions that make the pursuit of my false beliefs a meaningful quest.
19 October 2018 – The end is near! – I have enjoyed meeting many people in the waiting room where we have a common experience to discuss our lives deeply.
20 October 2018 – What to seek and what to avoid – ACE, PCE, Stability, Honesty, Reliability, Health.- It’s what I physically do with what I’ve got that matters.
21 October 2018 – It’s what I physically do that matters to you. – Life persists here on Earth but its a small thing in my Universe of 1tic23 stars and their planets.
22 October 2018 – People should be interested in helping the Universe to Self-Actualize – I must discover a way to make the Sentient Universe self-actualizing itself into an attractive undertaking.
23 October 2018 – How can I identify and eliminate my false beliefs? 28 – Today’s false belief that needs to be discarded is something simple is easy to describe in a few words. The easier something is to understand the harder it is to describe.
24 October 2018 – A big week for me. – “The unlived life isn’t worth examining.”
25 October 2018 – The Tao Teh Ching – #53 – Revealed by Lao Tzu – Rendered by Charles Scamahorn – If your inner self has even a little bit of this ability,
You may move along the wonderful path of Tao. But
Avoid displaying this special knowledge.
26 October 2018 – Prostate radiation treatment is a challenge to simple endurance – I have done my best to make prostate cancer an interesting and worthwhile adventure. So far it has been like a scenic vacation to a rugged outback.
27 October 2018 – A walk from my car to coffee. – Life is tough here in Bend but I am getting comfortable with it.
28 October 2018 – On the Future by Martin Rees – Book review – On the Future by Martin Rees is readable by everyone, but ultimately the advice is simply—hang on for dear life, the coming ride will be an adventure.
29 October 2018 – I lived and lived today and nothing happened. – We came home and took a hot bath and a second walk, and now Debbie is watching TV and I am writing this diarrhea.
30 October 2018 – Goldilocks Zone and the Three Bears Zone. – The habitable zone for robots is much wider than for carbon-based life and it needs a name like The Three Bears Zone.
31 October 2018 – How can I identify and eliminate my false beliefs? 29 – How can I eliminate this inane false belief when it makes me feel better?
Condensed thoughts Probaway November 2018
01 November 2018 – I’m tired of radiation treatments. – When it comes to life (the unavoidable things), just do what you have to do, and pay close attention to the pleasures.
02 November 2018 – A ghost cup wows my buddies. – Things are not always what they seem even when they are not seen.
03 November 2018 – How can I identify and eliminate my false beliefs? 30 – That Darwin Award photo was made back in 2008, but I still haven’t discovered how to live.
04 November 2018 – What memory have I created today? – Reminiscing for a few minutes about significant places in one’s life is self-directed and thus really meaningful.
05 November 2018 – I have some half baked ideas that need more baking. – Even with my plethora of false beliefs that need cleaning up, I am enjoying my life of attempting to find solutions to its realities.
06 November 2018 – How to climb the staircase to heaven. – The word “should” challenges you to strive to reach the next level of being.
07 November 2018 – What is the purpose of our life? – I guess the meaning of life must be defined by how much time we sleep and how much money we spend sleeping.
08 November 2018 – How many I’s do I have? – Every instant of my existence I am a unique new I. I am comfortable with that, but it does seem to bother my friends a bit.
09 November 2018 – I drink beer occasionally. – What a high life I live. See the point!?
10 November 2018 – The Fourth Age by Byron Reese – book review – The Fourth Age by Byron Reese is a book that must be read by everyone who aspires to cope with the future.
11 November 2018 – The god concept is unbelievable and not needed for Universal beauty. – It is unnecessary and ultimately unbelievable to insert Christian needs for a god experience to move along the path toward Universal beauty.
12 November 2018 – The 10 Commandments versus the 147 Suggestions – 147. Die with pleasant memories.
13 November 2018 – Truthiness and its companions. – Steven Colbert’s truthiness concept variations as attempts to discover other obscure false realities.
14 November 2018 – My struggle with a stump in my back yard. – When the guys are there with the right equipment, ask them to finish the job.
15 November 2018 – My day and struggles with the ponderosa stump. – It was a typical day for Debbie and me except we didn’t get to our usual evening encounters with the dogs at Hollinshead Park.
16 November 2018 – 40 Megapixels versus 10 – These are huge photo files but I compressed them before posting. Can they be expanded?
17 November 2018 – 7 Greek Sages’ Suggestions #100. Do your best and move on. – Now “do your best and move on” means doing hard dangerous work with nothing but smooth soil to show for it.
18 November 2018 – My numbering system goes to t. – The letter t becomes the indicator for the location of the base of the decimal point in any number.
19 November 2018 – What is it to be kind? – Isn’t the essence of kindness to help other people to live happy, healthy, wise and wealthy lives?
20 November 2018 – A bad habit is being overwritten – Make my life and my friends’ lives more pleasant by not complaining about things which I can’t do anything about.
21 November 2018 – DESIGNA – Technical Secrets of the Traditional Visual Arts – book review – If you have the itch to see your world in a new way and are willing to explore bizarre abstract visual excitement, get it with DESIGNA.
22 November 2018 – My progress on simplifying our numbering system. – Who can remember all of those weird names, yotta through yocto, for daily usage and the values they represent or how to do computations with them?
23 November 2018 – It’s time to search for my person of the year 2018 – If one of those people succeeds in creating life out of basic materials, will they become like gods?
24 November 2018 – An ordinary but unusual day for me – Lots of other stuff happened too. It was a day.
25 November 2018 – The Tao Teh Ching – #54 – Revealed by Lao Tzu – Rendered by Charles Scamahorn – How may you know how all humanity is influenced?
By the way former peoples were influenced.
26 November 2018 – God is Love – We will be talking about Jesus next week. That is a subject upon which I have some ideas I doubt they have heard before.
27 November 2018 – Another tireless day – The new tires are in the car, not on the car. Bummer!
28 November 2018 – Bishop Spong demonstrates that Christianity is dead. – When you are on a higher step of the Beatitude staircase you are capable of helping all of those below you, including your own self.
29 November 2018 – My hour at the Crows Feet Commons begins with getting there. – Inside, weekdays, you will usually find me conversing with my old buddies from 10am till 11:30.
30 November 2018 – Responding to good and bad habit triggers. – When you do a good deed, either for yourself or for another person, make it a point to smile for two seconds.
Condensed thoughts Probaway December 2018
01 December 2018 – Improving your own bad behavior – When you do a bad deed, either to yourself or to another person, make it a point to intentionally scowl at yourself for two seconds.
02 December 2018 – I stepped forward. – I know that I should treat others better than I treat myself.
03 December 2018 – What good is religion? – Some people may think I am weird, but now I can say, “Of course, I am made up of quarks.”
04 December 2018 – I can’t read DESIGNA without shutting my eyes. – It was a day of repeatedly falling to sleep after looking carefully at images such as this one.
05 December 2018 – Women have been fussing over me. – That’s how in 24 hours I was carefully fussed over by women trying to please me. I am a very happy guy. Thank you all.
06 December 2018 – An evening with the Impressionist painters – I am thankful to John for reawakening my long forgotten love of the Impressionists.
07 December 2018 – Mirror Pond in different lighting conditions. – A little reflection on light can sometimes be enlightening.
08 December 2018 – A possible word game to play at the library. – Tomorrow I will draft a meeting handout. We need a name. How about Funny Words?
09 December 2018 – One of my first Berkeley friends, Julia Vinograd, died yesterday. – Goodbye Julia Vinograd! You were one of the people who made Berkeley into the greatest place on Earth!
10 December 2018 – TIME – Person of the Year review – Elon Musk appears to be the most likely person on this list to be remembered in 500 years for something he did this last year.
11 December 2018 – The Seven Sages of Ancient Greece – line 45 – I seek to help you along your self-chosen path because it will help me find my way along mine.
12 December 2018 – Tyrant – Shakespeare on Politics – Stephen Greenblatt – The goal must become to empower individuals to treat others better than they treat themselves.
13 December 2018 – Numbers stated with a base t for ten
When presented in this new way, all of those weird names are eliminated from any number you are going to be using.
14 December 2018 – When it is easier to say it, it’s easier to think it. – When it is easier to say it, it’s easier to think it, and thus we can become more fully human.
15 December 2018 – I worked too hard yesterday. – To accomplish all of that I had to work for several hours as a lumberjack instead of a blogger, and I am still physically tired as well as mentally tiring.
16 December 2018 – Numbers stated with a base t for ten – 1 to 0 – With a little practice, the user of this new system will have a better feel for the relative size of everything.
17 December 2018 – Spong and I have a grand quest. – He concludes with helping humanity to be all that we can be, and I progress with my plans for helping the Universe to be all that we can be.
18 December 2018 – Spong is for being all that we can be. Not I.
19 December 2018 – Spong is for being all that we can be. Not I. – Presently we have more powerful options because we have the technology to transition into a new form of being.
20 December 2018 – What is the best behavior? – I would insist that love is one of a human being’s most precious attributes and it is to be given freely, but it is to be given frugally even to those who are deserving of our love.
21 December 2018 – Shadows on my reality – Shadows are everywhere I look.
22 December 2018 – A typical Saturday … not quite. – It was a hard day, in a way, but it was real-living.
23 December 2018 – Probaway Person of the year? Is it Elon Musk or Palmer Luckey? – Check back in early January 2019 to view my choice.
24 December 2018 – Oculus Go brings waves of nostalgia. – Anyway, waves of nostalgia for me.
25 December 2018 – The Tao Teh Ching – #55 – Revealed by Lao Tzu – Rendered by Charles Scamahorn – Power perceived creates counter-Tao, and
Whatever creates counter-Tao soon ceases.
26 December 2018 – Why You Eat What You Eat – Rachel Herz – There is a moral undertone to this book that is covered beautifully with what feels like underpopulated small scientific studies.
27 December 2018 – I annoy myself with recognizing an unrecognized fault. – Is it a personality fault of mine to be concerned about the majority of people I encounter violating the simplest of public laws?
28 December 2018 – DESIGNA followed by SCIENCIA and QUADRIVIUM – I did do a passable job of reading DESIGNA and have made an acceptable beginning on SCIENCIA but it seems unlikely that I can squeeze QUADRIVIUM into my brain.
29 December 2018 – A word for the decimal point location is needed. – Now is the time to find a name for this numbering system.
30 December 2018 – The Origins of Creativity by Edward O. Wilson – review – The big problems for Wilson and Spong are answered by observing human women and who they choose to mate with.
31 December 2018 – Title
31 December 2018 – Title
End of condensed thoughts Probaway 2018.