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On yesterday’s walk there was little traffic on Highway 20 (Greenwood Avenue), and I had time to take this photograph of Pilot Butte from the middle of the street.

Pilot Butte Greenwood Avenue Bend Oregon

Pilot Butte volcano in Bend, Oregon, from Greenwood Avenue

Today was a bit warmer, bordering on hot for this old Berkeley boy, but there was a gentle breeze and when a person is in the shade it couldn’t be nicer. Unfortunately most of the hike to the top of Pilot Butte was in direct sunshine, with an occasional tree close enough to provide a respite in its shade.

Pilot Butte drive Bend Oregon

The Pilot Butte base trail crosses the paved drive a short way up from the base.

We accessed Pilot Butte Drive part way up the hill from the north side via the Base Trail, which as the name implies goes around the base. It’s a beautifully well manicured trail through sagebrush, juniper trees and some strange grasses. After a pause in the shade we headed on up.

Greenwood Avenue in Bend Oregon

A view of Greenwood Avenue, Bend, Oregon, from halfway up Pilot Butte.

Near the top we were aligned with Greenwood Avenue. You can see where I took the first picture, in the middle of the street. We were crossing the street on our way back home from the Juniper Swim and Fitness Center, whose movable roof system is just visible two blocks to the left and two blocks beyond the large white roofed building. A couple of hundred yards farther up the drive, we came to a totally unexpected temporary fence.

Pilot Butte Bend Oregon near the top

An orange fence has been erected across Pilot Butte Drive.

The sign stated that, even as pedestrians, we were not welcome beyond the fence, because they were installing a 4th of July fireworks on the top of the butte. Obviously they didn’t want people, especially irresponsible people, which most are around fireworks, wandering around among the explosive devices. Even though I am a responsible older adult, (the mere fact that I claim to be responsible suggests that I probably am not) it seemed better not to tempt our fates to the explosive gods, or the more mundane legal authorities. So we descended. Even though we were now going down, and the wind was blowing in our faces, it seemed more uncomfortable than the ascent. Partly because we were expecting a wonderful half hour wandering around the plaza perched on the very top, and partly because we had been expecting a drink of water from the fountain in the plaza.

We went beyond our base trail entrance on the way down, and on to the bottom of the paved drive, where we discovered this locked gate and a message explaining the fireworks installation in progress at the top.

Pilot Butte Bend Oregon the entrance to the drive to the top.

A photo taken from the Greenwood Avenue entrance shows the closed gate and sign.

This is just one of many beautiful walks within the city of Bend.