Last month I took an old friend to the VA hospital Emergency Room. He didn’t want to go, but I took him anyway, because he was obviously sick. As it turned out he had Golden Staph, sometimes called MRSA, which is a deadly disease if not treated. It is commonly deadly even when treated with antibiotics. My friend had a catheter run directly to his heart for several days, pumping antibiotics directly to his infected heart. He survived and he is almost back to normal. I don’t think he is aware even now just how sick he was. We tend to block out our pain and loss of control over our own bodies.

When scanning the internet during and after this unfortunate affair I had a rude awakening – lots of people use the web to vent personal emotional sickness upon people whom they never met and have absolutely no personal contact with, other than their posted comments. Golden Staph kills thousands of totally innocent people every year. The disease can be acquired anywhere people congregate, but people in hospitals are especially at risk because, in addition to being near many people, they are there because they are already in a weakened condition. People with the disease and their friends will be searching everywhere for ways of curing the problem. They may be desperate and feeling generally rotten and when they find ugly statements they will feel even worse. It is an unfortunate mentally sick person who would make a physically sick person’s journey though life even more painful than the one they are already compelled to travel. The victims of this abuse will suffer for a while, but will recover their emotional stability as their bodies heal, but the purveyors of the vicious nonsense are cultivating a habit which will plague them for the rest of their lives. The purveyor is the one who will be hurt the worst because he can never trust people to help him when in need, not even himself. He is his own worst enemy.

The web can be a wonderfully supportive place, and occasionally I get a thank you from a total stranger for something I have written which has helped them live a better life. One of my discoveries, entitled, The colonoscopy laxative drink made enjoyable was a simple observation, which should have been the advice of every doctor to their patients about to endure this moderately unpleasant procedure. It should be printed right on the Colyte bottle, but it isn’t. Another important thing I first published in 1994, was, Surviving heart attacks with aspirin taken immediately. That observation is just now hitting mainstream advertising in the Bayer aspirin ads. It astonishes me just how slowly information percolates through the media.

People can use the internet to suit their needs but it exposes their inner thoughts, values and personal habits. Perhaps that is why so many people need and must use pseudonyms. They need them because they know they are doing ugly things which many people, including themselves would disapprove of, therefore they must hide behind a mask. But, this doesn’t hide people from their own selfs all seeing perception, and it is there that they will hurt themselves by their antisocial behavior. If you treat other people badly you will develop the habit of threating your own self badly. It becomes a life long habit and will lead you into a life of misery.

Be good to others intentionally and you will be good to yourself unintentionally.