My old World Heritage Links isn’t a good name because it seems to hang in mid air. Most people don’t know what the descriptive term World Heritage stands for, and few would search that term if they didn’t already know what they were looking for. Combine that obscurity with the term Links which can mean many different things, from chain links, to golf links, to frankfurter links links and many more linky things so my attempt to be descriptive and add clarity with the name in fact is vague and obfuscates what the site is about. That problem combined with the unappealing opening page filled with repetitive link words and the names of foreign places that most people would not have heard of sends people away. And then to add webmastering catastrophe to page designer disaster, anyone unfortunate enough to land on the site and click on anything is instantly sent away.

The basic linking to wonderful sites was a good idea and it has great potential but my creation the World Heritage Links was fundamentally flawed from the start and could never be a success even if it were heavily promoted.

To make a name you need a good name and some great stuff.