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Putting pictures around your dining room table of people, perhaps yourself, taking a pleasant walk in a beautiful setting would stimulate you to get up from the eating area and take a walk a little sooner than if you didn’t see the picture. This is a very soft form of mental control, and I am not suggesting that the effects of such a picture will show up on your bathroom scale next week, but it might show up next year as a couple of pounds not there on your belly and also as a little better blood pressure score.

Currently I have wallpaper on my computer screen of Yosemite, Half Dome with a lovely snow-covered meadow in the foreground. Whenever the computer gets turned on, or a window gets closed this quiet scene is there, and every time it goes by I suspect my blood pressure drops a couple of points. At the very least I have a pleasant moment of relaxation, reminiscing a walk in that beautiful place.

When going to the grocery store it would be helpful to have some flash cards with healthy meals pictured on them and the items necessary for preparing them. That would make it very easy to prepare healthy meals. It seems there is always some little thing missing when you begin a meal, but with such a picture in hand things would be half done.

Driving a car is often stressful, so having a picture visible which makes your life worth living would tend to make you drive more carefully. A picture of your house, your loved ones and your friends would subconsciously make you a better driver. These are also the pictures commonly seen at people’s work places when away from home.

A picture of a child in your wallet will greet you with a smile every time you are about to spend money, and it will remind you to be more farsighted in your spending. A picture of your home would have a good long-term effect on your subliminal thoughts.

Place subject-related pictures in your surroundings to help lead you to future good times.