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We made an offer for a house in Carson City, Nevada, three months ago and all seemed to be going along okay. It was a short-sale, but that only means the bank must approve the transaction price which both the seller and we the buyer had negotiated an agreement upon. But, as of today that fell through! We are disappointed because it matched our needs better than other places which we had looked at.

This house and property was a bit shabby and obviously needed some work, but we felt it covered our basics and was livable the way it was, and we could upgrade and make it even more livable without too much trouble. We had stopped following the other properties which we were interested in closely because we had made our offer on this one, and it was in transaction limbo.

Now, we must begin from scratch looking again, which is a real bummer, but now we have a little more experience so hopefully we can find an even better place. The housing market is still dropping and this house is now going from short-sale into foreclosure, so we may still get it; but once fouled, the way it has been, it won’t seem so nice. All of my friends who looked at the place advised me not to get it because it needed too much repair, but like I said we were willing to live with it the way it was and I was already planning out in my imagination the changes which would make it even more livable.

The new job market in Carson City is poor at the moment, and apparently for the foreseeable future, so anyone buying this place or any other one in that area must have an outside income. That is a strange statement because the bank seemed to only be interested in how much employment income we had, which as retirees isn’t much, but with various retirement entitlements there would be no problem paying for a small house if we could get one cheap enough. At my age I’m not really looking forward to making much money, but we have enough to get by on, like I said, if we get a cheap enough place, which this one was.

I have a dream of moving to Christchurch, New Zealand, someday, but it is very unlikely that will ever happen. It is, from all I can tell, a quiet city as well as a beautiful one; they call it the Garden City. One of the best qualities about our potential house in Carson City was that it was going to be quiet and have a spectacular view. I am tired of the constant background noise, police sirens and all too frequent car alarms here in the city.

Tomorrow and tomorrow is now creeping at a petty pace.