Our new house is now beginning to have pockets of organization. The first to achieve near normality was the bedroom, and that was because once the bed is in and the closets are filled and the doors closed and a couple of night stands are installed, it’s done. Also, it’s a good room to make stable first because we spend a third of our time in there, sleeping and relaxing. It’s a place dedicated to returning to normal.

The main bathroom was the second room to begin to look normal, and for much the same reasons. There already exist cabinets with dedicated functions, so the towels go in one, and the cleaning supplies go under the sink, and the toothbrushes and shaving equipment go on the counter, and general stuff goes into the drawers. We did have to install a shower curtain and its support rod, which wasn’t much of a problem. Also, the shower head was missing but we happened to have one already. Since we bagged and boxed everything when packing for the move all of these items just fell into place. Thus, two important rooms are up and running normally.

A third room we would want to have totally habitable is the kitchen, but this is more of a problem because it is confusing just where all sorts of special items are going to fit. Some stuff is obvious, like refrigerator materials, but what to do with plates versus stored food items and what to do with things that are only used occasionally? How is the counter space to be allocated, and in this case where is the kitchen table going to be located? There were all sorts of possibilities for this but none were very good and because of the layout of our new house most would be in the center of all cross house traffic. We may have to wait until everything is in place and then go purchase a new table to fit the special situation.

I struggled with the laundry room and haven’t got it it working properly. The washing machine and dryer have outlets that match our old ones that we brought with us, but as things turned out, nothing about the plumbing worked properly and everything that could leak did so. All four hose fittings failed and so did one of the faucet gaskets. Even the drain pipe backed up and back-flowed a couple of gallons of wash water onto the floor. I scooped up most of it using a dust pan and a large cooking pot, but it was a mess. The drain wasn’t totally clogged so I have poured some Clorox down it and if that doesn’t clear it out, tomorrow I will use a twisting sewer-snake.

The back living room is a real mind twister because there are so many options and so many limitations. We want to maximize the views out the windows so that limits whatever might be located near them. There are electrical outlets so that limits where our bookcases go in that room. We decided to make a private little reading nook in a corner with windows on two sides. It has high double-sided bookcases on the two room sides with a little passage to a reading chair. It will be like a quiet north side view with two large windows. The TV was a little complicated because we didn’t want any window light falling directly onto the screen, which limited it to one location, the same with my computer. Each of these, because of their needs, forced particular locations.

Our other rooms are still a huge mess, but all of the bookcases are now in place and with their shelves, so the problem of shelving our many books will soon begin in earnest. Most of them have already been cataloged so it is important to get them into labeled book shelves.

We haven’t done anything to the outside, and it was left in good condition, but it has grown a little wild and many pine cones and pine needles have fallen and look nice, but must be cleaned up soon. We have a gopher or ground squirrel in our back yard, which may be entertaining but it does complicate things.

There is an unexpected natural order of many things in life.