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Last Monday I took a close friend to the emergency room of the VA hospital and the next day I was there myself, but for a more mundane checkup. However, my doctor was concerned enough about some various strange things that he scheduled me for several more visits with specialists. So tomorrow I will get some sort of X-ray scans. Also, to add to my overall stress – this week has been the pulling together from all sorts of nooks the money to purchase a new home. There was still an amazing amount of paperwork to send back and forth for the property itself. But, in addition this required the selling off of various stocks and other stuff. It was all done remotely, on the internet and at the local banks and I never actually saw any money. These days everything that is happening is happening somewhere out there in the ether.

Closing date is tomorrow! We have all our ducks in a row and most of them have been well behaved, but it seems I must have put down thirty signatures and double that number of initials. Pages and pages of legalese that no sane person would read, and all of it with a few sneaky little code words known only to the legal profession, which are intended to trick the ordinary person into a future lawsuit. I hope not. Am I being paranoid? Is it true that only lawyers and the paranoid survive? Am I losing weight, while overeating? These are the questions that swarm like angry bees through my sleepless nights.

Aside from sick bodies and spending more money in a day than I have spent in a lifetime I got involved in the anxiety of the Christchurch earthquake. Remotely of course, but I have gone there many times on the internet, for various reasons, and actually had looked into purchasing a home there in Christchurch or Lyttleton, just over the hill. Both of those towns were devastated by the quake. I was looking forward to it, fantasy like, as a pleasant place to retire, but now we’ll be going to Bend, Oregon. That will be mundane and such an easy life and after a little adjustment I suspect I will really like it. Actually, it will probably be better for me in every way to go to Bend than any other place I can imagine, but is it dropping into too easy a life?

I think I still need some challenges so maybe I can do the EarthArk from Bend.