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How to enjoy drinking Colyte

I feel sorry for the colonoscopy purging fluid drinkers of the future, but soon they will have to suffer some sidebars of colonoscopy drug ads and other things while reading my very popular blog posts:

The colonoscopy laxative drink made enjoyable.

Colonoscopy – and how to enjoy drinking the foul tasting purging fluids.

The simple fact is that with far more than 10,000 page views on those two posts and some favorable comments, I haven’t earned enough money to pay for the ink and paper that very valuable information was printed on. Note that  you are reading this on an ink-and-paper-free computer screen. Now, just presuming no one seeks out and views a page dedicated to drinking colonoscopy purging fluids without some intimate interest in the subject, there will have been approximately 10,000 users of my  advice.

my good advice was FREE and that was its reward.

This advice has been good advice because it was based on personal experience, conversations with knowledgeable people, careful thought, some research and testing, and then my discovery was written up where anyone with internet access could view it. Further proof of its usefulness is that it has received unsolicited thanks from many users. There have been a few scatological jokes too come my way, which may have been a bit humorous, but as yet I haven’t even received a sip of coffee as a reward for my considerable efforts. The colonoscopy blog posts noted above were only two of over 1,300 posts, but they serve the point of demonstrating the futility of this means of communication. Telling people of new discoveries which are of great benefit to them and might even save their lives is a waste of time. In this particular case if 10% of the people had a cancerous polyp removed, that means I helped extend their lives. Preparing for the colonoscopy procedure is something which everyone considers unpleasant to do, and they tell their friends how unpleasant it is, and so their friends avoid doing it. The knowledge that it is unpleasant means that many people will avoid doing the colonoscopy procedure, which in turn means in turn that many people will die unnecessarily from colon cancer. Clearly what I have done by making the whole ordeal very easy even pleasant has added to the overall health of humanity. Surely, this whole problem is a simple thing, and the logical connections are obvious. Unfortunately, it is also obvious that I should transfer my creative discoveries in the future into some format where this knowledge spreads more quickly and I receive some reward.

I am changing my bad ATTITUDES

My “bad attitude” and mental orientation came from hanging out with University of California, Berkeley, academics too much. They, in general, claim to avoid money as it is filthy, they claim to despise the thought of making money from their ideas. They have convinced themselves that thoughts have wings and should be set free. But there is an unacknowledged fly in their thinking ointment, and that is that they are being paid goodly salaries by the public for publicly proclaiming whatever it is they happen to discover and promulgate.  Those of us not possessing a publicly granted professorial sinecure must find other avenues for obtaining reward for our worthwhile thoughts. There are only a few positions of that academic type available, so most of us who have valuable ideas must somehow enter into some type of transaction in the public marketplace.

Money is a very pleasant form of reward.

In the past I was pretending, wrong-headedly, that discovering new ideas is a reward in itself (my professorial friends seem to think that is so) – and it is, but and it is a very big butt in this type of thinking, there can be a lot more reward if one gets public recognition for an idea. And the most obvious way to receive that reward from the public is in the form of cash. Those academics got a great salary and access to publication and all sorts of professionally sponsored kudos, but those of us outside of that in-group get nothing but friendly smiling contempt.

Anyway, after that whimper, I have decided to change my life orientation a bit, very late in my very pleasant life I must say, to one of providing an avenue for the public to reward me for my useful thoughts, which I have previously given to them for free. I think the colon is the appropriate starting place for this new adventure.

How to enjoy the procedure of your colon being probed.