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Today I attended the memorial service held for the life and death of Christine Boyer, long-time member of the UUFCO. This was a beautiful service, and condensing such a wonderful person’s life into an hour emphasized its grandeur. The service was simple, caring, direct and honest. There was no cant or unusual emphasis, just heartfelt descriptions of a beautiful person helping people around her to live their lives more meaningfully.

Christine was not in the choir today, but they sang her favorite songs, with an empty space on the daïs for her to stand. Rev. Antonia Won, our Minister, conducted the services, and Virlene Arnold directed the choir. About halfway through the proceedings tears were slowly and consistently finding their way down my cheeks. They were not so much for Christine, but for the large group of her friends attending. My thoughts kept returning to them and how, with little doubt, most of them will have similar services in the not too distant future. And me, too.

I kept wondering, how can I help these people enjoy their future stay here on Earth, when so often during our “Joys and Sorrows” ceremony every Sunday morning they speak of personal tragedies? With over two hundred people now attending there is always some human event that tugs sharply on my heart.

Today I added another unusually beautiful rock to the piping around the front entrance. It was for Christine.