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The rocks I had been putting as a short-term decoration around the sidewalk at the entrance to the new UU church here in Bend, Oregon, disappeared.

The new Unitarian church on opening day.

The entrance to the new UU church in Bend, Oregon, photographed in February, 2015

We have been making a large decorative labyrinth about a hundred and fifty yards off to the left of this photo, and I had been collecting rocks for that structure for a year. I was pulling a large child’s wagon from its storage garage and placing it in front of the tree directly in front of the door during services. It had a sign asking for rock donations. About once a month, when there were quite a few rocks in the wagon, Bill and I would drag it down to the labyrinth and put the rocks into appropriate decorative places.

Unitarian Church, Bend, Oregon

The labyrinth 150 yards south of the UU church of Bend, Oregon

After a couple of months no one was bringing rocks any more, so I quit pulling the wagon out of storage, but I continued to bring a single rock every time I came to an event, and placed it in the curve in the dirt around the two trees. It made an attractive piping, and several people had said they liked it. I intended to take these rocks down to the labyrinth soon and distribute them around the circles.

Today all twenty-five of them were gone, and I asked several people what happened to them, but no one knew. Every one of these rocks was special. Each was the nicest one I had found that week while hiking. There are millions of rocks around here, but these were selected for their beauty or unusual qualities, and a couple of them had come from special ceremonial situations. I hope someone decided to take them to the labyrinth.

Other than their decorative interest these rocks have no value, except to me.
[Update July 18, 2016 – Unbeknownst to me there was a scheduled UU group to clean up our beautiful grounds, and they took the rocks to the labyrinth and put them into appropriate and attractive places. Bravo – Go team.]